TBL Episode 96: How To Turn Trusted Relationships Into Real Revenue with Teddy Burriss Have you ever questioned yourself? Have you realized that your career isn’t going how you thought it would? What if you had “the dream life, the nice cars, the big house and the “perfect” family? Imagine traveling with a private jet […]

What is financial control? When we talk about financial control, what we’re talking about is knowing — and understanding — the money that your company spends and earns. How much you pay for office supplies and web hosting. The cost of advertising and raw materials. The amount paid by customers and clients versus how much […]

Sales are the heartbeat of a business. If it’s going to thrive, you’ve got to make sales. This seems like common sense, but tons of businesses continue to neglect their silent salesperson.  This salesperson works non-stop representing the company, and in some cases will be the only interaction a potential customer has with the business.  […]

More than 9.6 million results appear when you search for a “marketing plan template” on Google, a huge indicator of the vast number of people who are still looking for ways to make their marketing more effective by creating a marketing plan. A marketing plan template is one way to do that —  a step-by-step […]

When it comes to content marketing, things change quickly and often. If you want to stay competitive, you need to know what direction marketers are taking to keep themselves and their clients’ brands relevant and trending. Fresh, high quality, consistent content will always be the prime driving factors in content marketing online, but there are […]

A Simple Guide on How to Estimate the Time and Costs for Your next Project

I wonder how long that will take? I wonder how much it will cost? If you’re new in business, or simply new in a position that requires you to estimate the time and cost for projects, these are questions that come to mind and must be answered efficiently and as accurately as possible. You can’t […]

People have been craving connection since the beginning of time. Meeting new people, learning more about them and finding ways to help one another are all parts of who we are, and business networking is a big part of that. It’s become a primary component of how people do business, promoting their products and services, […]

Recent search results changes by Google have many people in the online world scratching their heads while trying to figure out exactly what is taking place. During this odd process of change, website owners watch helplessly as their site rankings plummet without warning, only to climb back up again in the blink of an eye. […]