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Gabe Arnold


Gabe has always had a passion for connecting businesses with the best possible solutions. Enter: Business Marketing Engine. These days at BME, Gabe creates affordable, long-term marketing and technology solutions for businesses of all sizes.

Over the past 15 years, Gabe has built his experience in professional writing, web and computer technology and marketing campaign creation and management.

After working with over 1,000 startups, and hundreds of established businesses over the past decade, Gabe set himself apart as a CEO who goes to great lengths to help fellow entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine
our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine

Rachel Arnold


Rachel’s keen understanding of human nature has translated tenfold into her role as CFO at Business Marketing Engine, but that understanding has deep roots.

Pre-BME, Rachel jump-started her career as a corrections officer before working in hospitality management. With such unique insights and intuitive marketing skills from the start, she now works with Gabe as an invaluable asset to BME.

When Rachel isn’t hard at work, you can find her whipping up new gluten- and dairy-free recipes in the kitchen, or walking and hiking in local parks.

Danielle Ortiz

General Manager

Danielle first started at Business Marketing Engine in another role.

Since finding her niche in management as BME’s General Manager, Danielle has since grown into and with her passion– and helped other BME team members explore and grow into their own passions and niches.

Danielle relies on four keys to unlock the door to personal success and professional growth:

Constant learning. Active listening. Putting her best foot forward in all that she does. And the quote: “The biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.”

our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine
our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine

Eunice Arriesgado

Lead Project Manager

Eunice lives by a Lou Holtz quote, both in and out of the office: When you stop growing, you start dying. As Business Marketing Engine’s Lead Project Manager, she looks at every day as a learning opportunity, and every hurdle as a chance to expand her knowledge in finding the solution.

Eunice’s path to becoming an integral part of BME didn’t start at the drop of a hat, though. Before joining Team BME, she started growing her roots in BPO and the banking industry, then in customer service, operations management, vendor management and process improvement.

How does she fuel the dedication that keeps her growing? For Eunice, it’s two-fold: In an endless pursuit of passion in which she takes her time enjoying the curiosities of life; and with a family-motivated mindset.

When she’s not perfecting the art of project management, you’ll find Eunice cooking and baking– discovering new recipes that her husband’s and two lovely kids’ delicate tastes will approve of.

Mary Joyce Barro

Admin & HR Manager

Joyce is a former Executive Secretary to the CEO cum Event Coordinator in the hospitality industry in Riyadh, KSA. Prior to this, she was part of one of the leading BPO companies based in the USA where she was a member of the Retention Team. She admits taking a full-time role with BME was like jumping into the deep waters. She couldn’t get enough of it, though, as she took that jump and has not looked back since.

Joyce began her career in BME as a hybrid team member and enjoyed the best of both worlds as a Virtual Assistant and as a Blog Post Specialist. She has been cross-trained to build the skills of almost everyone in BME to provide support from within the organization and worked full-time as a Senior Virtual Assistant. Joyce is currently the Admin & HR Manager and is instrumental in the faultless running of the entire organization and will help keep Team BME happy and productive.

our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine
our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine

Munish Kumar

Senior Developer

Munish has been a part of the Business Marketing Engine family for six years, showing up every day as a driving force in his role as Senior Developer.

With his master’s in computer applications from Punjab, India, Munish is a technical lead developer with a range of experience in developing complex web applications.

Though Munish has developed web applications in various development technologies like WordPress, CakePHP, Laravel, Angular JS and node js, he’s never ready to stop learning new technologies to provide the best solutions for BME clients.

Ashley Riley

Lead Copywriter

Ashley is the lead copywriter here at BME! As a creative problem-solver, she is extremely passionate about finding innovative, engaging solutions to help our clients reach their business goals.

With a background in creative writing and a Bachelor's degree in English Literature, her expertise lies in crafting compelling copy that is both informative and inspiring. Her experience in writing for various industries, including home services, business coaching, and e-commerce, has enabled her to confidently develop various skills in order to drive results and achieve success.

When Ashley is not working, learning more about marketing, or writing, you can find her spending time with her family or friends, exploring new places, or petting her cats. Her passion for creativity and self-improvement drives her to constantly challenge herself, look for new opportunities, and strive for success.

our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine
our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine

Jessica Cipriano

Lead Web and Graphic Designer

Meet Jessica, a talented and creative lead web and graphic designer with over 8 years of experience in the industry. With a passion for design and a strong eye for detail, she has consistently produced high-quality designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. She has a wealth of experience working on various projects, ranging from website design, logo design, and marketing materials, to branding and identity creation. She is an avid learner, taking every opportunity to stay abreast of the changing landscape of design.

In her free time, she likes watching Korean dramas and movies, which she believes offer a unique way of looking at life as well as an understanding of different cultures. Additionally, she enjoys taking walks and playing with her fur babies. She often plays mobile games to relax and stay connected with her friends.

Kesniel Casey Remiendo

Video Editor

Kesniel Casey is a video and audio editor with eight years of experience in content and video editing. Casey specializes in photography and video creation and editing, logo design, and brand identity. He's always been fascinated by everything around him — things, people, animals, structures, music, art ... and life itself. He also believes that life is a continuous learning stage and every day you learn new things.

Casey enjoys playing console games and reading books to learn new things. He can usually be found in the kitchen during his free time, doing his thing cooking. He also loves to be around his two gorgeous daughters and his wife on weekends, enjoying family time.

our team, Our Team, Business Marketing Engine

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