Our Core Values & Guiding Principles

guiding principles, Our Core Values and Guiding Principles, Business Marketing Engine

Core Values

guiding principles, Our Core Values and Guiding Principles, Business Marketing Engine


Take ownership of your work and get it done on time.

guiding principles, Our Core Values and Guiding Principles, Business Marketing Engine


Be connected and available, responsive, respectful, and an active listener.

guiding principles, Our Core Values and Guiding Principles, Business Marketing Engine


Work with others, be open-minded, collaborative, and creative.

Guiding Principles

As a team at BME, we operate with these principles so that we can serve our clients and team members at the highest level, so that we can provide the best results and most incredible experience possible for our clients. This our North Star.

  1. Relationships First - We believe that relationships are more important than money. We show up and give our best work to all those around us, we listen first and then serve.
  2. Effectiveness Over Vanity Metrics - We believe it’s more important to focus on effectiveness than on vanity metrics that don’t produce results. Because of this we make time to frequently evaluate what is giving our clients and team the best results and value.
  3. Continuous Improvement - We believe in constantly looking for ways to improve the effectiveness of our processes and strategies. We do this by actively learning about our role and related roles and then we implement what we learn. We also do this by requesting and openly receiving feedback.
  4. Creative And Experimental - We believe in taking risks and being creative. This includes failing fast so we can learn the right path forward. We celebrate failure because it is the stepping stone to breakthroughs and success. We use our BME Dirty, Dog, Beautiful process to create a safe place for failure and experimentation.
  5. Proactive Planning - We make time to think ahead, schedule, and think about how our focus and actions can best move our team and clients forward toward meaningful results.
  6. Balance And Freedom - We believe that you are a person first, and a team member second. Our goal is to balance supporting the needs of the business within The Circle of Life, while also ensuring you practice healthy self care so you can be your best, provide your best work and have an appropriate work-life balance. At times, we may require work that goes beyond 40 hours per week, and we ask that you communicate with us about the additional work needed during those seasons so we can fully support you-- this allows us to protect our profitability and help us grow sustainably.
  7. Challenges Are Ok, Emergencies Are Rare - We believe that unless someone is bleeding or actually dying, that we aren’t experiencing a true emergency and we can take time to think, plan and execute well. When necessary we take The Matches Out of The Other Person’s Hands.
  8. Positive Confrontation - BME is a safe place where we provide direct and respectful communication and feedback whenever there are challenges, issues, and opportunities.
  9. Excellent And Timely Delivery - We believe in doing what we say. We face our work head on and dig in. We carefully consider our commitments and client expectations before we set deadlines. We use the BME TPI Method in order to ensure that we provide the highest level of service and excellence.
  10. Honoring Commitments - We carefully commit to things that we are 100% confident we can deliver. We believe in keeping our word. If we do on occasion fall short, we make it right by bringing it back to our team and leaders to find the best solution.
  11. Personal Growth And Development - Here at BME we are a learning organization and each person is responsible to continually learn, grow and improve. We provide resources and experiences for our team members that help them grow and improve in all areas of their lives. And we do this because we truly care about every single team member.
  12. Ownership And Action - We believe in owning our ideas, our projects, and our deliverables, including owning our mistakes and taking action to solve them when they are discovered. We use the BME Tree of Life and the BME Circle of Life to make wise decisions.
  13. Effective And Timely Communication - We each take 100% responsibility for our own communication. That means that we go above and beyond to be clear and set expectations, while being kind and considerate of others. We teach and use our BME Stop Light System. We use the BME ARC System to create clarity. We use discretion to determine the best communication channel to communicate challenging updates. We use the BME 5 Minute Rule when we are stuck. We ask ourselves and each other, is this BFR? We are strong and kind in all our interactions.
  14. Trust And Respect - We believe in treating others like our dearest loved ones. We show up and serve, and provide the highest value every single day. We extend trust and show respect to all those around us. At BME we are not all the same, and that’s what makes us strong. We are committed to creating a diverse environment and are proudly an equal opportunity employer. All clients, team members and applicants receive the same level of consideration, respect, and opportunity regardless of their race, color, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, birthplace, genetics, disability, age, or veteran status. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind and expect everyone in our organization to uphold the highest standards of love and kindness in all their communication and actions.
  15. Impact And Legacy - The work that we do changes the world and the lives of our clients for good. We acknowledge and take pride in the fact that we create lasting impact because we are team BME.
  16. Specific Praise And Respectful Candor - We believe in celebrating all successes, big and small, both personally and professionally. In celebrating our success, we generate momentum for ourselves and others. We provide specific praise and feedback to increase effective behavior and use a SWOT analysis mindset to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The creation of SPARC reminds us to practice this habit daily. By providing a safe environment for respectful candor at all times, feedback can be freely given and received without fear of judgment.