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Video Testimonials

  • Steve’s Story: Providing sales enablement training for businesses

    Steve Gielda, Co-founder and CEO, Ignite Selling

    See how BME drove high-quality leads with the help of quiz funnels. Steve also mentioned BME’s significant role in crafting and publishing Ignite Selling’s new book.
  • Pam’s Story: Inspiring the momentum and purpose of entrepreneurs

    Pamela Savino, Founder and CEO, Live Authentically

    Learn how Pam’s business began to take off through Gabe’s coaching and BME’s virtual assistance and digital marketing services. With more time on her hands, Pam focuses her energy on helping more business people succeed.
  • Erin’s Story: Connecting the best employers with the best employees

    Erin Longmoon, Founder and CEO, Zephyr Connects

    Discover how we supported Erin’s mission to eliminate toxicity in the workplace through Gabe’s business coaching and BME’s digital marketing services.
  • Paul’s Story: Revolutionizing the follow-up system for off-market investors

    Paul do Campo, Founder and CEO, Omnidrip

    His review speaks for itself, “They delivered the [website] mockup and it’s fantastic. It was exactly what I wanted… they are seamless, quick and timely… they are well worth the money.”
  • Edwin’s Story: Helping patients succeed with critical care medicine

    Edwin Wu, Founder and CEO, Primary Health Project

    Listen to Dr. Edwin thank BME for helping launch his brainchild business, the Primary Health Project. Through BME’s digital services, Dr. Edwin reached and helped more patients in their battle against diabetes.
  • Cody’s Story: Providing 70 years of quality masonry services

    Cody Arnold, Founder and CEO, Ray Arnold Masonry and General Contracting

    Cody shares his appreciation for BME’s consistent follow-up and checking in throughout his projects: web design, email marketing and search engine optimization, among others.
  • Jesse’s Story: Helping entrepreneurs amplify their confidence, connections and cash flow

    Jesse Cruz, Author, Motivational Speaker and Coach

    Watch as Jesse explains how BME helped him develop strategic systems to boost the performance of his business.
  • Moss’ Story: Playing spectacular music, from blues to jazz and everything in between

    Moss Stanley, Band Leader of Nitebridge Band

    Listen to Moss as he thanks BME for revamping Nitebridge’s website— from hardly working to highly acclaimed!

Web Design

  • “Some cool feedback for you guys. The copy on my landing page made a huge VP schedule a call with me when he only takes 2-3 marketing calls a year. Thanks, Gabe Arnold, for polishing it up!”

    -Tyler Carlston

  • “As we move into the next phase of this project I wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your hard work. The amazing communication, the sincerity, the kindness, the value, that each person on the team has brought to this project gives me the utmost confidence in moving forward with all of you.”

    -Charlie Dysktra

Copywriting Services

Ad Copy

  • “Have you seen the ads/copy the team put together for LinkedIn? Omg, outstanding! Floodgates are gonna be open here real quick.”

    -Pam Savino

  • “So, I had Gabe Arnold work on an ad copy for me. I ran it against my old ad copy and his converted 100% better. Thought that you should know that. Amen.”

    -Joel Otterstorm


  • “Gabe is awesome and helped make a major impact on my opt-ins. I’ve tripled my number of daily opt-ins, largely thanks to his recommendations. He knows his stuff, I can’t say enough good things about him and I highly recommend him to anyone needing his services.”

    -Jon Loomer

SEO Content Writing

  • “This is solid. I didn’t know what to expect for my first order, very happy. Thanks!”

    -Mike Ruman

  • “Well-written! Very insightful and a lovely piece. It ties nicely into some of the other things written here. Thanks!”

    -Stacy Brookman

  • “Bravo! This was the best article we’ve received today! Please let the writer know that we really appreciate their talent and hard work.”

    -Marcie Manfredonia

  • “This is fantastic content and makes me very happy that I'm a customer of your service. The writer of this blog post is great!”

    -Joseph Bojang

  • “This was perfect. Just the right length, tone and style. Great tie-ins to the brand, and the content felt very current and modern with reference to today’s pop culture. This is great!”

    -Gaby Grinberg

  • “Excellent. Really impressed with the reference to money market funds breaking the buck during 2008 recession! Keep up the great work!”

    -Shailesh Kumar

  • “Excellent. Very well-researched and written. One of the best jobs to date! Very well done! Thank you!”

    -Bill Powers

  • “Great job on this article. The directness, the sassy conversation, and interesting words were all on point. Thank you!”

    -Michelle Thompson Rosario

  • “Simple and clean. Just like the subject matter. Thanks.”

    -Jillyn Aloha

  • “Incredible Job! Exactly what I was looking for.”

    -Clint Haynes

  • “Excellent post! Thank you for the research and solid writing.”

    -Ryan Perry

  • “I AM OVERJOYED. The things you are doing to my e-book, my words, to make them beautiful visually blows my mind. You have captured what I wanted to exude so perfectly and included so many subtle hints of who I am. You both are incredible artists and should be proud of your beautiful skill sets.

    From the intention of the photos you’ve chosen to the littlest details of facial expressions even in linework of faces AND to hear you describe them and explain why really shows how present you are in your work and the detail and care you’ve spent making the choices.

    You reiterate the things I’ve given feedback on and explain how and why you’ve taken action on them, and you lift me up by being excited about my message and tell me how you’re applying it yourself. As a client, that means the most. To know you care about my project and support me.

    I cannot wait to see my book as it makes beautiful progress and I cannot wait to share it with all of the women of the world who can lift it up - thank you SO VERY MUCH for making that happen.”

    -Jessica Olbin

Virtual Assistant Services

  • “Adding a VA to my team was a huge game-changer for me and my business, and I have experienced a tremendous shift personally and professionally.

    My VA handles the behind-the-scenes daily operations of my business and plays a huge role in minimizing the pressure and noise I experience on a daily basis. Since adding my VA to my team, my time, energy and mental space have been freed up significantly so that I can focus my efforts on serving my clients at the highest level while growing my business.

    I love that my VA is not only task-oriented; she is mission-driven and the way in which she shows up is aligned with my long-term vision and strategy. Not only does she support me, but she receives the support she needs from the entire team at BME. Above all else, I feel more energized, focused and productive; and given that we create our reality based on how we feel, the decision to add a BME VA to your team is unequivocally a wise investment.”

    -Pamela Savino

Holistic Marketing Plans

  • “I’m a classic bootstrapper and have, for the most part, had some success because of determination and time. But this is NOT ENOUGH! If you expect to be around in the digital space you need to be able to identify your strengths, your weaknesses, and build systems and processes around those things; and if at all possible, learn to leverage other people’s time, talent and labor. I can say, unequivocally, Gabe is one of the best out there in this space and is helping me (and others like me) to draft a more holistic approach to building their business in the digital marketplace. The differentiator that he has helped provide to me is his focus on systems and processes and after 7-8 months of working with him, I have no doubt he is the real deal.”

    -Todd McGuire

  • “Gabe Arnold has helped me make $35,716. That is not bullshit. That is real. Using what he taught me has put that amount of money in my pocket. He is real. He is authentic. He has a heart of gold, and the dude bought me breakfast. What more can I ask for?”

    -Todd Taylor

  • “Excellent! Exactly what I am looking for. Great job!”

    -Kenneth Sperry

  • "Ever since I started working with Business Marketing Engine my clientele has literally quadrupled and I’ve noticed that I have a much higher call volume for services we provide in general! I love working with you guys because you listen to what I want and need!"

    -Nicole Breitmayer

Coaching and Mastermind Training

Podcaster123 Coaching

  • Tab’s Story: Sharing family-friendly stories through her podcast

    Tabitha Stout, Podcast Host

    Tabitha shares her enthusiasm and excitement to start her own podcast after completing Gabe’s Podcaster123 coaching class.
  • Leslie’s Story: Boosting women’s self-esteem and confidence

    Leslie Sepe, Life Coach, Courageous Confident You Podcast

    Watch as Leslie looks back on how Gabe’s coaching guided her mission to help women believe, dream and achieve through her podcast.
  • David’s Story: Sharing the wonders of photography and Photoshop

    David Van Deman, Owner and Host, Vandeman Photography and Photographer’s Lair Podcast

    David invites people to check out Gabe’s Podcaster123 classes as they have helped him start his podcast journey.
  • Michael’s Story: Transforming businesses into 7-figure empires

    Michael Knulst, Business Transformation Strategist

    Michael shares his two biggest takeaways from Gabe’s Podcaster123 classes. He now applies the lessons to amplify the impact of his speaking engagements.
  • Al’s Story:  Growing business revenue through digital marketing services

    Albert Martinez, Social Fusion Group Inc.

    Discover what Al experienced during his time as Gabe’s student in Podcaster123 and the valuable support he received as part of the podcaster’s community.
  • Veronica’s Story: Bridging people to the right insurance policy through sales

    Veronica Stevens, Sales Specialist, American Family Insurance

    A key component of Veronica's job is communication, and Gabe's Podcaster123 classes imparted valuable lessons on the structure and process to effectively communicate.

Success Club Coaching

  • Nate’s Story: Connecting businesses to customers through actionable go-to-market strategies

    Nate Kaminski, VP of Go-to-Market Strategy, Grayshift

    “The value I get out of Gabe— daily, weekly and monthly— is well and above what Success Club costs.”

Business Coaching

  • Dave’s Story: Providing reliable flood relief and water damage restoration services

    Dave Conway, Raw Coaching

    “The value I get out of Gabe— daily, weekly and monthly— is well and above what Success Club costs.”
  • “Gabe ended up giving me a lot of advice and training. I’ve been able to ask Gabe a lot of questions and he always finds time to help me out. I know it’s a privilege to be able to have him as a friend and leader.”

    -Shane Donohue

  • Gabe, thank you for always showing up for us and sharing your valuable business insights. Your mentorship along with lessons learned from fast-track sales training has helped me tremendously in my coaching business. Back in March, my head was underwater. I just couldn't figure this thing out, even after spending lots of money on branding and marketing courses. Fortunately, things have changed for me and I feel like I can finally breathe.”

    -Claudia Vidal

  • “He is someone who has a knack for seeing the value or potential value someone can bring and then helps them see the value in themselves! I speak from experience. Gabe has helped me in many different watts and has given me the opportunity to grow by helping me and showing me how to improve in the areas that I want/need to grow in.”

    -Chris Saunders

Book Writer’s Blueprint Masterclass

  • “I've read Gabe's information before and benefitted, so I decided to attend his Book Writer's Blueprint webinar. His information was super organized, simple and easy to implement. And even more important than that, his delivery made his message easy to remember.  Listening to him speaking. you just come away feeling like he really wants to help. I’d surely get started in the program he's offering, but my schedule has no room at the moment.”

    -Darla Cullen

  • “Thank you so much for an informative and useful training. I am so excited to begin writing my book. It will be such a wonderful feeling to have accomplished writing my first book.”

    -Leslie Sepe

  • “My dad has always told me that I would write a book. But what he always said was that I would have a ghostwriter that would do my writing. The fact that I have just finished writing over 20,000 words is a testament to your coaching and you believing in me. Thank you for pushing me to greatness!

    Thank you for your encouragement, motivation and guidance in helping me find my “voice.” I don’t need a ghostwriter, I got GABE! The man with the black shirt!”

    -Tessa Boyd

Ultimate Business Freedom

  • “I’ve been geeking out— building processes, creating spreadsheets, and doing product launches with Gabe’s team ever since. Not only do I get to work with him and the amazing team of people he has built— I get to learn, grow and be a part of a culture that makes me happy. 

    Gabe gives a ton of shits about his people— his employees, friends and colleagues. He’s not out to just make a buck. He is a genuine, kind, intelligent and stand-up type of dude. I am grateful to know him and be a part of his awesome community.”

    -Jessica Olbin

  • “I was on a UBF call a while back that you basically outlined the Pilot program but I could not see how to make it work for me. What a great example of the benefit of another’s perspective (and experience). I could not see beyond how I was doing things with Mortgage and had my doubts about growing that way, but once you laid it out today… BAM! Got it. Makes total sense. Yes, will need to fill out of course, but I feel very excited and energized with direction now.”

    -Jean Horne

  • “Two sales for a total of $5,000 in the last two days. Have two more closing calls today and tomorrow should be another two sales. FINALLY!”

    -Kerwin Miller

  • “Thank you Gabe Arnold for helping me get my head on straight today. I appreciate you.”

    -Katie Switzer

  • “In December I had a meeting with a client of 10+ years and told him that starting January 1 my rates were going up (by almost double). I really was unsure how that conversation would go and was fully ready to let his business go. 

    It was a very hard conversation to start. But at the end of that conversation, he stopped to tell me he appreciated the way I handled the conversation, how much he valued what I had added to his company and he was ashamed he had not come to me first and that I totally was worth every bit of it.  I definitely thank Gabe and this group for all the support and knowledge that is shared here.”

    -Janis Michaelson

The Perfect Startup Coaching Program

  • “One of the best things in all of the training is that it is real stuff you can use on any business. Others in the group say this and I agree. Gabe provides the right mix of kick your ass (in a nice way) and real training steps that are clear. If you get stuck, there are rules for that, you are not allowed to be stuck.

    In the end, I needed a business coach, a mentor, someone who has already done much of what I wanted to do. Someone with a proven business model, also someone who is actually in the trench doing what he teaches. Plus, I needed someone to kick my ass when I get off track. I did my research and chose Gabe Arnold.”

    -John Stiles, Founder, Headway Business

Leadership Coaching

  • "If you are in need of high-level executive coaching, leadership training or business operations consulting, please look no further than Gabe Arnold and his team at BME. He brings a unique insight to company management that is unparalleled. Gabe applies his experience, communication skills, and passion to help businesses grow with amazing results."

    -Kate Colter

Cold Email Workshop

  • “Within 20 minutes of implementing the methods I learned from Gabe, I generated a lead for $1.5 Million dollars in financing. Three weeks later and we have more than double that in the pipeline. 

    To say that we're impressed with Gabe and his team would be an understatement.  They have gone way above and beyond our expectations in their delivery, and I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

    -Terry Phillips, PubCo Reporting Solutions, Ltd.

The Simple Marketing Method

  • “Special shout of THANKS and appreciation to Gabe Arnold and this marketing experience. I've been reflecting on this course and my experience was profound and expansive both personally and professionally. I didn't even realize how much I was hiding my business from the world until I started diving into these marketing concepts. 

    These classes, particularly the exercises, made me realize how scared I was to be seen and the deep fear I held of sharing my business with the world. But the course gave me direction, courage and support to work the basics of marketing, lean into the discomfort and grow my business.  Until this course, my business was a referral-only business. But I am now marketing for the first time with an actual plan and actual guidance with proven results. Marketing always felt scary and overwhelming to me and this course made it accessible and easy to implement. I still have a ways to go and I'm looking forward to catching new lives for the sessions I missed. Thanks again for this space, this community, these resources and sharing your wisdom.”

    -Shanna Brown

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