Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses on a Budget

Marketing is the lifeblood of any small business. But, often small businesses have small budgets, and marketing campaigns can easily go by the wayside. But, there is an answer. Marketing does not have to break the bank. You can launch a successful marketing campaign and still have plenty of money left over for all of your business’s other needs.

Post Engaging Content on Your Blog

It is not enough to have a blog. You also need to create content that is going to speak to people. If you use your blog properly, it will be the foundation for all of your other marketing efforts. Writing engaging posts will help you connect with your potential and current customers, build your credibility, nurture your relationships with them and let them know you can meet their needs.

Make an Instructional Video

People love watching videos. So, if you have a particular skill or want to get some specific information across, making a video is a great way to do it. You do not need to hire a professional crew to get your video done. All you need is a smartphone. Just record your content and post it on your website and/or social media pages. Studies have shown that people like to engage with videos, so just having it there will increase the likelihood that someone will click on it to see what you have to say. Click here for valuable information about how to create a professional-looking video.

Make Your Content Easy to Find

Finding the content you create should not turn into a scavenger hunt for your prospective customers. When consumers are looking for something online, if they do not find it in one place, they will quickly move on to another location. So, make your content as easy to find as possible by using keywords that are relevant to your industry in your blog posts, headlines and web pages.

Utilize Google My Business

Creating a Google My Business account will help to ensure your business shows up in internet searches, Google Maps and Google+. It is an easy and effective way to get the word out about your company.

Create an Email List

Collecting email addresses from people who visit your website is a great way to stay in contact with people who have shown an interest in your products and services. Collecting email addresses is easy and free to do. You just need to set up a place on your website for visitors to enter their information. You can even offer an incentive for them to do so. Once you have gathered the information, you can use it to launch email campaigns that let prospective customers know about upcoming specials, promotions and anything else that will encourage them to interact with your company.

Co-Sponsor a Contest

Partner up with another business in your neighborhood and sponsor a contest together. It is a great way to cross-promote your business and help another area business at the same time.

Offer Give-Aways and Samples

Giving away free samples and promotional trinkets may seem costly, especially for a small business that is just starting out. But, the initial expenditure is well worth the investment. Even though it may cost you money upfront to have give-away items produced or to give away free items, customers consider these moves signs of goodwill and will undoubtedly pay you back in spades.

A useful giveaway item can be a frequent reminder of your company to a potential customer. Then, when that person needs a product you have, your shop will be the first place he or she stops. Similarly, giving away small samples of your products allows potential customers to try out your products with no risk. When you have a great product, you can bet those who got samples will come back for it time and again, and likely let friends and family know about it, too.

Create E-Coupons

People love saving money. So, give them the opportunity to do so. Consumers have a hard time resisting coupons, so create some that can easily be redeemed online or in-store. Place these coupons on your website, so customers can simply print them out at home and bring them in, enter the code in a promo box or scan them in from their smartphones. Creating these coupons is inexpensive and can drive lots of business both online and in-store.

Advertise on Social Media

People love social media and spend lots of time scanning through their various feeds. Do some research to determine which platforms your potential customers spend time on and use it as an advertising medium. Create ads and promotions that are specific to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or whichever platforms fit your needs. You can even create incentives for customers who “like” your content, post content to your page or otherwise help to promote your business.

For more information about marketing your business on a tight budget, check out the resources at Business Marketing Engine.