TBL Episode 96: How To Turn Trusted Relationships Into Real Revenue with Teddy Burriss Have you ever questioned yourself? Have you realized that your career isn’t going how you thought it would? What if you had “the dream life, the nice cars, the big house and the “perfect” family? Imagine traveling with a private jet […]

What is financial control? When we talk about financial control, what we’re talking about is knowing — and understanding — the money that your company spends and earns. How much you pay for office supplies and web hosting. The cost of advertising and raw materials. The amount paid by customers and clients versus how much […]

Workforce issues are something every small business owner must face. How a business owner deals with these problems can often make or break the company. Every problem has a solution, even if it is not immediately recognizable. Sometimes a business owner must think outside the box to find the answer, but other times the answer […]

The word “entrepreneur” gets bandied around a lot. But, many people use it freely without truly understanding exactly what it means to be an entrepreneur. Although there are some distinct traits that an entrepreneur needs to have, the entire definition of “entrepreneur” is up to interpretation. Keep reading to learn the true meaning of being […]

Owning your own small business is a monumental accomplishment. But all your hard work can fall apart in an instant if your workforce does not work well together as a team. It can be difficult to get people with different outlooks, goals and personalities to work together, but it is essential for your business to […]

Becoming an entrepreneur is a noble goal that anyone can attain with the right work ethic, effort and drive. But, owning your own business is not something anyone should leap into without thinking it through carefully. If you have the desire to be an entrepreneur and own your own business, here are some considerations you […]

Have you dreamed of owning your own business? If being your own boss and calling the shots is a goal you have, then entrepreneur is the job title for you. If you have the dream and the drive, you can follow these steps and become the entrepreneur you know you can be. Have an Idea […]

Entrepreneurship is simply the act of creating one or more businesses for the purpose of generating profit. Although the definition is fairly simple and straightforward, the entire concept of entrepreneurship is a bit more complicated. Here are some basics guidelines that will help you understand the concept of entrepreneurship. Have Interest and Vision Before you […]