Follow the Leaders: The Business Marketing Brand-Builders You Need to Implement

Here are the Lessons You’ll Learn in this Guide: Managing a B2B Campaign: The Basics & Beyond Start at the beginning with a business-to-business campaign. What are the leaders doing — and how can you take their work and apply it to your business? Using Premium Content in Business Marketing Premium content is a valuable … Read more

4 Steps You Need to Follow Today for a Good Mission Statement

Mission statements are the grounding, motivating factor in the non-profit world, where I spent 10 years of my career. They keep each person involved in the organization, from the donors and volunteers to the leaders and trustees, focused on the ultimate goal. A good mission statement clearly and succinctly states the reason for the organization’s … Read more

Ditch Your Pitch: 7 Keys to a Solid Sales Pitch

Have you checked your voicemail lately? I have to admit, the chances of me even listening to a voicemail anymore, especially from an unknown number, are slim to none. All too often, I’ll have a quiet moment to check a few messages, and will press play — to be greeted by a sales pitch that … Read more

Then and Now: Networking Through the Years

People have been craving connection since the beginning of time. Meeting new people, learning more about them and finding ways to help one another are all parts of who we are, and business networking is a big part of that. It’s become a primary component of how people do business, promoting their products and services, … Read more

What Your Toddler Can Teach You About Affiliate Partners

Consider why you should study your toddler to learn about what to look for and cultivate in affiliate partners. Affiliate partners are just that—partners and an integral force in advertising your wares and closing sales. Note what is admirable in toddlers and what you don’t want to lose in adult affiliate marketers. Namely risk-taking, energy … Read more

Getting to Know You: What Your Customers Want to Learn

You often hear the phrase “relationship marketing” bandied about, but what exactly does that mean? Relationship marketing is the process of building a strong bond between your business and the customers your business attracts. On the surface, this sounds easy to do, but this type of marketing is open to broad interpretation, which means you … Read more

5 Online Voice Recorders to Try During Your next Meeting

Whether you’re meeting virtually with people all over the world or cramming 4 people into the small conference room at the office, there are many situations in which you would want to use an online voice recorder during your next meeting. And there are plenty of digital recorders to choose from. We decided to compare … Read more

Live Your Dream Now and Achieve Incredible Abundance!

Live Your Dream Now and Achieve Incredible Abundance!

One of the hardest things for us to conquer can sometimes be our own mindset. I know that for me personally having the right mindset and also fostering an environment for improving my mindset can be really difficult at times. In today’s episode I am going to share with you an amazing lesson that I … Read more