Easy Solutions for Workforce Issues You Might Be Facing in Your Business

Workforce issues are something every small business owner must face. How a business owner deals with these problems can often make or break the company. Every problem has a solution, even if it is not immediately recognizable. Sometimes a business owner must think outside the box to find the answer, but other times the answer is simple, it just needs to be seen. Here are some easy solutions to common workforce solutions that every small business faces.

Employee Interaction

There is no question that all of your employees are going to have different personalities. They will also have different opinions, beliefs and mindsets. So, working in close proximity to each other can sometimes be difficult, and often stressful. Working under deadlines and other pressure-filled situations can make emotions rise, and tension can build. It is impossible for everyone to get along all of the time, so there needs to be a way to diffuse situations before they become problematic.

Involving your staff in stress-relief training is a great place to soften the burden of this issue. Find programs that teach your staff how to deal with work-related stress and emphasizes techniques for getting along with other people. There are plenty of these programs out there. So, there will surely be one that fits your needs and budget. Making the effort to have these programs available to your staff can be invaluable to your business in the long run.

Handling Customers

The manner in which your employees deal with customers is paramount to your company’s success. So, it is crucial that they do so it the best possible way. Despite the fact that “the customer is always right,” it can be frustrating and stressful for even the best-natured employee to deal with customers who are demanding, belligerent, hard to handle and impossible to please.

Train your employees how you want them to handle difficult customers or clients. If feasible, create written guidelines that fit certain situations so your staff will not have to guess at what actions to take. Here are some hints for how your employees should deal with angry customers:

  • Remain calm.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Repeat back what the customer is saying.
  • Thank the customer for bringing the issue to your attention.
  • Explain the steps that will be taken to alleviate the problem.
  • Set a follow-up time if applicable.
  • Be sincere.

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Lack of Motivation and Productivity

The motivation level of your staff members directly affects your company’s overall productivity. Simply put, if your employees are not motivated, they will not do their respective jobs effectively, leading your company to suffer the consequences. So, it is crucial that you find creative and innovating ways to motivate your employees. The tricky part of this task is that everyone on your staff will have different motivating factors, so there is no one answer for everyone.

As the leader of your tribe, you need to find different motivators that will appeal to a wide variety of employees. Although getting everyone motivated will take a bit of effort from you, your hard work will pay off in the form of having a happy and productive staff who are all working toward a common goal. Some great ideas for motivating your staff include:

  • Empower your employees by giving them input on how to do their jobs. Be open to their suggestions on how they can get their work done easier and more efficiently. There is a good chance your employees will not freely offer this information to you, so be proactive and ask them for their suggestions and ideas.
  • Offer opportunities for advancement. When employees know they are working toward something, they are more motivated to get a job done. If there is no opportunity for advancement, many employees will not see the need to work harder. Consider offering training that teaches skills that will help your employees climb the ladder. Grooming them for better opportunities will help to ensure they continue to grow with your company and not look for opportunities elsewhere.
  • Lead by Example. Act in a way that you want your employees to emulate. Showing excitement for your company’s goals will help them be excited about them, too.
  • Provide incentives. Incentives are great motivators. Plus, they do not need to cost you or the company a lot of money. Employees like getting perks like getting an extra day off, gift cards to a local eatery or even tickets to the movies. If all else fails, you can offer cash bonuses, too. No one will ever turn those down. Motivating your employees is also a great way to reduce turnover. When people feel appreciated, they will be less likely to look to move on to a new place of employment.
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