The Top 5 Things Your Customers Want to Read in Your Blog

If you have a blog set up on your business’s website, you are off on the right foot. One of the biggest setbacks with a blog is not being sure what to write about. Posting fresh content on your company’s blog is one of the most important tools that your business can use for their marketing strategy, but it is also one of the most challenging. Most people know and understand the value of blogging for business and that it can bring leads and traffic to their site, but many of them don’t know what they should write about.

Sometimes coming up with a topic or headline is the hardest part, and once you have that, the rest of the post flows along. If that’s what you struggle with, check out our free Copywriter Today Headline Creator to help you generate ideas.

, The Top 5 Things Your Customers Want to Read in Your Blog, Business Marketing Engine

We’ve put together the top five things your customers want to read in your blog to help you get started posting fresh content to your readers. Keep in mind that if you don’t have time to write frequent blog posts, that doesn’t mean that you should ignore your blog. Consider outsourcing your writing to a third-party service like Copywriter Today to ensure fresh content is being posted on a regular basis.

Easily digestible information

Your customers want to be informed by your blog, but they don’t want to read walls and walls of text to try to find the important pieces of content. The information you provide should be valuable, useful, and easy to digest.

While a typical blog post, when well-written, is a good way to get information across, sometimes you need to mix it up. Try posting content like articles, infographics, videos, and short reports to vary how you deliver information to your readers and improve the ease of which they understand the content.

Content that addresses their pain points

What do your customers struggle with every single day? What type of challenges do they face that seem insurmountable to them? Do they have unmet desires they don’t know how to reach? What are the problems that they are still searching for solutions to? Consider these issues your customers’ pains points, and write content that addresses them.

To discover what your customers’ pain points are, you can use tools like analytics, surveys, split testing, and online focus groups. The issues your customers face will vary from niche to niche, so using keyword research tools is also a good way to find these topics.


If you can master the art of storytelling on your blog, you can create a memorable experience and persuade your readers at the same time. When told well, stories can transport readers inside of the narrative, and you can get your point across without directly selling. In other words, your sales message can get in under the radar since our brains are more concerned with enjoying the story and absorbing the overall message.

Using storytelling in your content marketing can look like interviews or case studies. For example, if you run a weight-loss company, you could interview a mom who managed to see success using your products while juggling work, kids, and maintaining a home. The message will probably resonate with many other busy moms who want to lose weight, and it’ll perform well without you having to do a “hard-sell.”

The high points

We live in busy, on-the-go lives, so it’s not always possible to sit down and read a 2000-word blog post, regardless of how entertaining and informative it is. Your readers want to be able to scan a blog quickly and easily pick up on the high points without having to take a big chunk of time out of their day to do so. Utilize paragraph headings so your readers can scan through and pick up on the pieces of content that interest them. Bullet points and lists are other excellent ways to make content skimmable.

Also, keep your content on the lighter side. Getting people to read your blog is a big step, and once they are reading, you want them to be interested enough to take action. Leave out the jargon and heavy details, and save those things for a follow-up email when you know the reader is interested.

Genuine, original content

Unique content is rewarded, both by Google and by your readers, so try to avoid regurgitating what has already been said before you. If you don’t think you have anything original to say, think back to advice you’ve given that you know was appreciated, or a funny anecdote that relates to your business.

A big part of blogging is engaging your audience and helping them get to know you. Do this by making your content genuine to your tone of voice so they feel like they are connecting with you as a person.

Now that you’ve got a good idea about what your customers want to read in your business blog, take advantage of our free Headline Creator Tool to start getting fresh and original content up on your business’s blog.

, The Top 5 Things Your Customers Want to Read in Your Blog, Business Marketing Engine