The 7 things you Need to Start Posting on Social Media Today

While most business leaders know that they should be posting on social media, the real question they have is what they should be posting. Social media etiquette and best practices seem to be in a constant state of change, so one of the best things you can do as a business leader is staying educated and up-to-date on social media and marketing practices.

If you feel like you could use a course in social media marketing (or any other type of marketing for your business), check out our free courses on a variety of topics. Also, read on to learn seven things you need to start posting on social media today for your business.

, The 7 things you Need to Start Posting on Social Media Today, Business Marketing Engine

1. Relationship Posts

Not every social media post should be about your business’s bottom line. In fact, that can be a big turn-off to your audience and cause you to lose followers or fans if you constantly push products through social media. Instead, include relationship posts to establish your social media as a place where people can have a conversation about and engage with your brand rather than just be sold to constantly.

Relationship posts are as easy as posting a humorous quote, interesting fact, or inspiring image, as long as they don’t ask your audience for anything. You should still try to relate it to your brand, but don’t feel like your social media presence has to be all business all the time.

2. Credibility Posts

Similarly to relationship posts, credibility posts don’t ask your audience for anything or try to sell them anything. These types of posts typically get less engagement than relationship posts, but they are just as important to your social media presence.

Posts that boost your credibility have a goal of establishing your brand as a thought, service, or product leader in your niche or community. Good examples of credibility posts are press releases, interviews, appearances at industry events, and company news. Credibility posts have more of a long-term effect of building your brand awareness, position as an industry leader, and audience’s trust over time.

3. Conversational Posts

Some of your posts should invite your audience to join in the conversation. Opening up your social media to a two-way conversation is one of the quickest and proven ways to establish social media relationships. Feel free to ask your audience for their opinions, advice, and ideas. People are more likely to purchase a product or service from your business if they feel like you value them as an individual by engaging in meaningful conversation rather than just advertising to them.

4. Recycle Blog Content

On the days you’re struggling to come up with fresh content, don’t! Feel free to repost and share some of your best blog posts. Ideally, you’ll be gaining new followers and fans, so a portion of your social media audience hasn’t seen all of the content you previously shared. For those who might have, you can use the #ICYMI (in case you missed it) hashtag to let them know you’re reposting something you think they should see. Share content that performed well in the past as well as content you know is good and want more exposure.

5. Share Other Expert’s Content

To excel on social media, you need to make sure you’re offering your audience valuable content. Sometimes, other industry leaders or experts are the creators of that content. It’s good practice to curate content from other sources. Not only are you offering your audience timely and relevant information, but you’re also not turning them off by constantly promoting yourself. Consider the type of information your audience would be interested in, and make sure it fits their demographic.

6. Utilize Current Events

You can share news stories with your audience, but it is more effective to find ways to integrate what’s going on in the world with your brand. You can make a powerful impact if you’re able to successfully combine a current event that everyone is already thinking about with your brand’s image. However, if it’s not a natural fit and requires you to stretch a little too far to make the connection, don’t force it and wait for something that does.

7. Make a Call To Action

You should have posts that ask your audience to do something. It doesn’t have to be a big action; it can be as simple as asking them to like your post, share a photo, join a list, or enter a contest. The goal of these types of posts is to increase engagement and promote your business’s goals. Call-to-action posts work to develop brand awareness and community within your social media audience.

By working with these seven types of social media posts, you should be able to generate varied and useful content for your audience on a regular basis. For additional tips and help with your marketing efforts, sign up for one of our FREE online courses today.

, The 7 things you Need to Start Posting on Social Media Today, Business Marketing Engine