Finding Copy in Everyday Life

One of the biggest struggles of keeping fresh content up on your business’s blog is not always creating the content but coming up with the topic of the content. We all know the importance of keeping our blogs updated, but what if there was an easier way to do it? It’s possible that your content copy could be right before you in the activities you do every day.

There are probably a number of things you do in your daily routine that fit the topic of your site that could be captured and presented as a blog post. Many of you are already living lives that are chock full of content; you just need to learn how to capture and repurpose it for your blog.

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, Finding Copy in Everyday Life, Business Marketing Engine

Here are five easy ways to find copy in your everyday life.

1. Use your interactions with clients and customers as posts

You and your employees interact with customers on a daily basis, and you probably get asked the same questions quite a bit. These questions and their answers make excellent blog post content. If you get the questions via email, you should still respond directly to give personal attention to your audience. However, it can seem redundant to answer the same question over and over to only one person at a time. Even if it’s a question that you’ve only been asked once, if one person has the question, then it’s likely that others do, too. Not only do you get blog content that you can craft as the expert, but it will also help other people in the process.

2. Use an expert’s advice to you as a post

You’ve probably emailed people who have more experience than you in certain areas for advice or help. This idea is basically the opposite of the first idea. Instead of using a customer’s question, you’ll use your own question and the advice you received as content. If you’ve asked someone how they prefer to do something related to your niche, advice on different topics, etc., you can ask them if they mind if you use their reply as the basis for a blog post. The worst that can happen is they say no, or they only want you to use them as a quote in a larger post. However, you probably have plenty of emails in your inbox that could benefit your readers.

3. Write a how-to post

If there’s something you do that others have commented on as being more efficient or effective than the typical way of doing it, you could turn the task into a how-to post for your readers. Maybe you’ve found an easy way to upload certain types of files to your blog. Whatever the task is that applies to your blog’s audience, simply keep track of all of the steps you take and write a post about it. This type of post takes your blog from theoretical to reality, and people like to read tried and true methods of how to do something.

4. Make a first-person video

An extension of idea number three is making a video of yourself completing a task to share with your audience. Showing something visually can be very powerful, and videos are proven to increase traffic. You can combine the video with still images, or upload a screencasting for computer-related tasks.

5. Use a conversation as a podcast

You probably have conversations almost every day with other professionals. Some of these conversations could be relevant to the type of topics you normally blog about and could be useful to your audience. With permission from the person you’re talking to, you could easily record the conversation and turn it into a blog post or podcast. It’s not too difficult to edit audio recordings on your own, and giving your audience variety and an outside point of view helps keep your content fresh and your readers (or listeners) interested in what you have to say.

When you use your everyday life experiences and tasks for your blog, the most important thing you keep in mind is that it has to be relevant to your blog and useful to your readers. If you have a specific niche you target, you won’t want to stray too far away from that, or you’ll lose your audience’s interest. As you go about your daily life in the next few days, make a mental note of what conversations, emails, or tasks could be repurposed into a blog post, and you might find that your life is a goldmine of content.

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, Finding Copy in Everyday Life, Business Marketing Engine