Establish Authority: How Your Blog Activity Gives You Credibility

What is one thing high-traffic blogs have in common? The blog followers trust the authors of each blog to bring the latest or most valuable information about a particular area of life. Readers are looking for credible, relatable leaders whose experience or expertise puts them at the forefront of their field, and incorporating these four ingredients into each blog post can give you the boost your blog needs to take you to the top.

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Quality Content

Your products or services may be far superior to your competitors’, but if new or potential customers don’t know about them, your company’s growth could level off. Create added value to enhance their experience.

In all of the salons affiliated with the Aveda brand, brand, customers receive a complimentary stress relieving ritual – a hand massage or facial are two options offered to clients coming in for a service. The stylists and technicians offer guests a warm, comforting cup of tea, adding value to their client’s experience. Think of your blog as that same cup of warm tea for your customers.

Your blog can add value to your audience’s lives. Yes, while some posts may pitch a product or service, a great rule-of-thumb is to keep sales-focused entries to every fourth or fifth blog post. Use the others to present your readers with content that can educate them on topics related to your field of expertise and enrich their businesses and lives.

Catchy Headlines

Tom Ahern, a leader in non-profit communications, suggests that no more than 20 percent of readers are taking in each word of a non-profit’s blog content. The other 80 percent are skimming the headlines, photos and cutlines, pull quotes, and bulleted lists.

This number isn’t specific to non-profit organizations. In today’s busy world, few people take the time to pause and read an entire blog post. Those who do read each word most likely do so because something caught their attention while they were skimming.

Developing creative headlines and subheads that attract your audience is one of the best ways to establish credibility through your blog. After all, if they don’t read your content, how will they learn about your expertise? Additionally, using easily searchable keywords for your subheads can optimize your placement in search engine results – meaning you’ll have more potential customers reaching the information you have to share.

Learning how to craft optimized headlines can take time, and whether you find yourself facing writer’s block or new to the blogging world, we want to help. We’ve created a free headline creator to help you kick-start your blog ideas.

Relevant Blog Posts

Relevant blog posts are those which make sense in two areas: they are both in tune with current and future news coming from the field and are related to and focused on that field.

Spend some time learning about the latest developments in your area of expertise. Is there new technology emerging? Has a new study been released with information that could change the face of your field? Once you’ve done your research, blog about it. Be the first to bring your readers cutting-edge content that makes sense with the future direction of their businesses.

Also, make sure that your blog topics make sense with your blog’s theme. Most readers appreciate some vulnerability – opening your personal life up to let them in. Many bloggers have become well-loved and respected authorities on parenting, religion and relationships by relaying their unique perspectives and experiences. Their readers feel like they are getting to know the authors and developing a bond through the writing. However, too many personal details can detract from a professional blog. If you are looking to establish yourself and your business, stay on topic. Bring readers the information they’ll need, and break it down through entertaining, engaging content.

If you’re not sure what to write about, the free headline creator can give you a great place to start.

, Establish Authority: How Your Blog Activity Gives You Credibility, Business Marketing Engine


Stay in front of your readers. Out of sight, out of mind is true in blogging, as well. Make sure you are regularly updating your blog; weekly updates should be standard, but many companies see greater returns and higher traffic as they increase the frequency of their blog posts.

If you will be unable to write for an extended period, make sure your readers know. If you disappear, your readers will, too. To keep them tuned in, even while you are gone, consider one of these options:

  • For a shorter time period, write and schedule your blog posts in advance;
  • Invite guest bloggers to partner with you and bring similar content; or
  • Outsource your blog content.

If none of the above options are realistic, let your readers know that you will be taking a break, and tell them when you will be back. Consistency is key – stay in front of your audience with frequent, captivating blog posts and build authority in your brand and yourself.