The 5 Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies

Content marketing is a viable tool to use to bring interest to your service or product for any company. Most companies use content marketing without even realizing that they are marketing themselves thanks to the popularity of social media and blogs. Creating a content marketing strategy will help you to better harness your content marketing’s potential for your business. Here are five effective content marketing strategies that you can start applying to your content marketing efforts.

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, The 5 Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies, Business Marketing Engine

1. Audience

You should have a set target audience in mind when you are creating your content to be used on social media, your blog or website. This will help you tailor the information towards the people that you want it to reach without turning off your audience. For instance, if you are writing about a technical product, but want your target audience to be regular consumers of your product or service, you are going to want this in a tone and style that reflects that audience. You may want to use layman’s terms rather than the more technical terms, and make it more casual. However, if you are looking to target other technical businesses, you are better off keeping your terms technical and the writing style more formal to suit that audience.

2. Diversify Your Efforts

If you are only creating content for your blog or only for social media, you should look to diversify where you are posting your content. You can continue to create high-quality blog posts to use for your company blog, but you should also diversify where your content can be seen online. Yes, your readers that visit your blog normally will be able to share your posts with their social networks through buttons on your website that allow them to do so, but you can post your materials on social media to expand your reach to those that might follow you on the particular social media website. They can have a chance to learn about your posts that they might have missed otherwise. Social media is also a great chance to comment on hot topics, and refer your followers to your company when it comes to that trend or topic by using a link to your blog or even just a comment when you share it.

3. Visuals

Adding visuals can help your content get noticed more by readers. People love pictures, infographics, graphs, and other types of images. This can really stand out from other content marketing posts. It draws attention, and can often help to make your content even more shareable. Charts, infographics and similar visual tools are great for sharing because they can contain a lot of information that you want to be shared in a very visual and interesting manner that draws the eye. This is pretty powerful because they can be shared with social media, and a person on the sharer’s network will get a nice overview of the topic, which may help them to want to visit your content or pass it along to their network by sharing it.

4. Shareability

When you are creating your content, you are probably not looking just to see how many likes, shares, and retweets it can get on social media, but these can be something to consider. The more shareable your content is, the more reach it will have among your loyal clients and those that are just getting exposed to your brand. You may not have a specific goal in mind for going viral with your content, but posting things that get shared is a great content marketing strategy for spreading the word.

5. Call to Action

Don’t forget to add a call to action when creating your content. Ask the reader to contact your company about how your company can save them time or do the task described in the content of your post. Get them to act on content in some way. This does not necessarily have to be something for them to contact your company for more information as some of your clients that read your content are already aware of how your product or service helps them, so they probably won’t need a quote or have a question that needs answering. Another type of call to action that can be important with your content marketing is to get your content shared. Ask your readers to comment or share your content to get it spreading across the Internet to other users.

You want your content marketing strategy to be similar to how a dandelion works. Dandelions are pesky weeds, but they sure do know how to spread. Dandelion seeds take advantage of the wind to spread their seeds around to every yard they can, and can be enticing to people to spread them around by blowing the seeds. Take advantage of these content marketing strategies to get your content moving around the different corners of the Internet.

What content marketing strategy or strategies do you find most beneficial?

, The 5 Most Effective Content Marketing Strategies, Business Marketing Engine