Case Study:

Radiant Divine

Our Client

Ryan and Rachel DeVault opened their medical spa, Radiant Divine, in 2017. The two of them– and the team of professionals they put together– worked diligently to provide their patients with extraordinary esthetic and pain alleviation treatments.

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Within a year, they became the recipient of the 2018 Galderma Presidential Elite Award, which placed them at the head of their market. Their medical spa was, indeed, a big success.

At this point, Ryan and Rachel felt the urge to grow even more. However, there was something standing in their way...

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case study radiant challenge

The Challenge

With their medical spas at capacity, they were backed into a corner.

Their choice was between maintaining the status quo, or risking it all with an expansion they may have failed to support for higher profit.

That’s when Ryan and Rachel had an epiphany.

They recalled working with Business Marketing Engine (BME) to create high-quality graphic designs and other small marketing endeavors, and they knew we could help with whatever they had in mind.

That’s when they called us.

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case study radiant image
case study radiant image

Our Solutions

When Ryan and Rachel reached out to Business Marketing Engine, they already knew what their medical spas needed– a membership program.

The only thing the pair was looking for was a team of world-class professionals that could make their idea come to life...

And that was us.

We began working right away.

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First, we developed a prototype and basic designs. But not long after that, using WooCommerce and Stripe, we flushed out a fully functional membership platform called

The membership is stocked with discounts, ongoing services and more to entice customers to join. And it was a success, just like their medical spa itself.

The membership pulled in around $16,000 every month, a year after launch, and continued to boost repeat business for Radiant Divine overall.

As of today’s date, 4 years later, Ryan and Rachel have made nearly half a million dollars in membership fees, and much more in repeat business.

Radiant Divine is a prime example of how brick-and-mortar retail businesses (and even virtual businesses) can succeed, anywhere and everywhere!

Their success showcases that there is a world of profit to be gained from simple solutions such as membership programs! And it all begins with a call to Business Marketing Engine.

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As for now, BME is excited to continue our journey toward greater success with Ryan and Rachel.

Do you want to learn more about Business Marketing Engine’s solutions?

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