Case Study:
Pam Savino

Our Client

Pam Savino is a professional development and life coach who felt called to her craft after going through two immense hurdles in life–a miscarriage and a divorce. She enrolled in a life coaching course after noticing that many people struggled with the same issues.

Now, Pam is the owner and founder of Live Authentically, where she coaches and helps people, including C-level executives, find their voice, speak their truth and live authentically.

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The Challenge

After receiving her life coaching certification, Pam came to another realization: She loved coaching and delivering high-quality results to her clients, but she didn’t want to handle the marketing side of her business. Pam needed help building her business from the bare bones up.

She wanted and needed a more consistent client base because she didn’t know where or how to get her clients. She wanted to come up with her company name and build her website. That’s where Business Marketing Engine came in. Pam was referred to BME and now she has a website, a podcast, a blog and most importantly, clients who need her help.

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Our Solutions

With BME’s assistance, in addition to the items above, Pam also has a successful and reputable brand. We designed her brand kit, blueprint, logo and built out her website and Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

BME also built her eCommerce store, and we schedule and plan all of her social media and email marketing campaigns. We have helped create LinkedIn and Facebook ads to attract more traffic to her website, too.

And the work that BME and Pam have done together has allowed her company to flourish. In the past year with BME, Pam has reached six figures in revenue in executive coaching calls. She coaches C-level executives by helping them get their lives back into balance and their priorities aligned.

BME tracks specific metrics for Pam, such as her brand reach, LinkedIn prospecting and outreach and all of her technical and marketing efforts. We have even provided an executive assistant for her.

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