Case Study:

Cash Offer LI

Our Client

Cash Offer LI is a professional “Cash Buyer” company located on Long Island, New York. With over 35 years of experience in their industry, they’ve certainly mastered how to eliminate their audience’s stress when it comes to selling property.

They serve those who need to get rid of their house or property fast, and they’re committed to providing their customers with true value, honest service and an irresistible cash offer.

However, despite their experience and excellent service, they also knew that they didn't have the knowledge they needed to effectively market their company. And that’s when they reached out to us at  Business Marketing Engine .

The Challenge

With only word-of-mouth advertising to promote their services, Cash Offer LI couldn’t reach their ideal customers and grow their business. They could only maintain their current level in the industry.

However, in a competitive location such as Long Island, New York, Cash Offer LI needed more than that to stay ahead of its competition. They needed to improve their brand reach, increase sales and find their ideal customers wherever they may be within the area.

Our Solutions

After discussing what Cash Offer LI would need to move its business forward, we conducted deep market research and developed a holistic marketing strategy. Afterward, our first task was an entire website revamp.

So, our team got to work.

We created high-quality copy, designs and resources for the website, such as a live chat box and industry-related blog posts. The result was a website with excellent search engine optimization and high ranking.

Satisfied with the website, we set our sights on the following tasks in our marketing strategy— setting up email and direct mail campaigns to help them develop relationships with their audience.

our solutions cash li

Altogether, Cash Offer LI invested around $35 thousand in their direct mail campaigns and, with our help, generated $5 million in opportunities and an estimated $750 thousand of profit.

To build off that success, we launched social media campaigns on Facebook and Google ads, with fully unique photos and videos. All of these efforts continued to bring in high-quality leads to the business.

As of today, Cash Offer LI is experiencing a period of dynamic growth and success. They’ve completed over $35 million in rehab projects and continue to rake in leads from their website and ad campaigns led by Business Marketing Engine. All of us at BME hope to continue helping them grow in the future.

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