These Are The Basics of A Marketing Plan

When it comes to marketing, the old saying “less is more” really means something. People can easily muck up their marketing plans by making them too complicated. A good marketing plan is simple in its design and is applicable across a variety of platforms and businesses. Here are three basic elements you need to have in an effective marketing plan.

Have a Relevant Message

Any effective marketing begins with the message you want to send out to your customers. Many businesses feel the need to focus on their backstory or their accolades and accomplishments. But, the customer doesn’t care about any of that stuff.

Instead, the customer wants to know how you and your company can be of service to them. What do you have to offer? Whether it’s a good or a service, the customer is only considering your company because they have a need that they are looking to get filled. How can your company best fill that need?

Have Measurable Results

Once you have a crafted message, you need to have a plan in place to measure whether that message is working. When it comes to websites, we usually measure that success through a variety of metrics that show how many people are visiting a site, how long they are staying there and where on the site they are visiting.

A data-driven marketing strategy is interested in every possible measurement. Is the site seeing an increase in traffic after the new message? Do people stay longer once they get there? Do they click to view more pages? 

All of these metrics can show whether or not a message is working and driving people who are interested in seeing how the company can best fit their needs to the site. 

Have Easy Ways To Sell

The final leg of your digital marketing strategy is to clear as many paths as possible for people to make a purchase. Have a well-designed, easy sales funnel. Provide discounts and incentives for them to do so. Offer loyalty programs and other reasons for them to want to return. Give customers the desire to buy whatever it is that you’re selling.

If your company is ready to move forward, then it’s time to take a look at your marketing. Teaming up with an expert can help you craft the perfect strategy to drive up traffic and increase your sales. Contact Business Marketing Engine today to see how we can help you bring your business to the next level.