Episode 97

How To Build Friendly, Flexible Bridges with Brea Starmer – (Episode 97)

Have you ever driven across a bridge and thought to yourself, I wonder how sturdy this really is or questioned how many cars, trucks, vans or motorcycles drove across it?

Bridges are, by design, intended to connect two points that would otherwise not be accessible. Bridges create connections to help the flow of travel. They create opportunities that we otherwise wouldn’t be able to experience if the bridge weren’t there.

In addition to connecting two points, bridges also provide stability. The intricate detail and design of their foundational elements and structure allow bridges to carry massive amounts of weight, wear and tear without compromising its passengers’ safety.

It wasn’t until after Brea Starmer lost her job during her third month of pregnancy that she realized how the hypothetical bridge that just burned, would actually serve as a blessing to create new, stronger ones. 

Known for having her office in her backyard shed, Brea is a bridge builder. She believes the future of work is flexible, just like the structure of bridges, especially those that span over bodies of water.  She founded Lions + Tigers to empower professionals and enable clients through hybrid consulting engagements to achieve more flexibly.

Brea  thrives off creating workplace solutions where everyone’s needs are met. She also values bridging communication gaps to create a comfortable and fearless culture.

Brea spent years working with small businesses, creating the bridges between business needs and human needs, driving for impact and growth.

She grew Jeffrey M Consulting, an on-demand talent business, from 10 consultants to 120 with $16 million in revenue after only four years. 

Brea currently leads a growing business of 40+ professionals who focus on thriving, rather than surviving, in the new world of work. 

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