TBL Episode 11: Miles Anthony Says Cryptocurrencies Are More Fun

In this episode of Today’s Business Leaders with Gabe Arnold, we meet Los Angeles entrepreneur Miles Anthony.

Miles founded Flux Chargers, a company that designs and sells portable phone chargers. In just two years, Miles went from door-to-door sales to an automated revenue stream.

After scaling his first business, Milles founded Flux Ventures. This holding company manages more than $200k in cryptocurrencies.

Strategies for Business Success

Miles advocates blogging to grow your business. Content marketing is a passive way to generate new leads for your company. Miles shares how he used his blog, The Crypto Times, to network with leaders in cryptocurrency.

Aside from your product, Miles believes authentic relationships are the most important thing in business. He talks about choosing business partners based on attitude and communication.

Miles employs specific strategies that help him stay on track and make his ideas happen. He keeps track of everything he does and makes time for the most important projects. Miles says that if you’re constantly making incremental progress, then your project will stay alive. If it matters to you, create time and keep the ideas fresh.


Listen and learn more about Anthony’s business background and journey into cryptocurrency. He shares what you need to know about cryptocurrency in plain english. Miles is a big advocate for cryptocurrencies, and he wants you to know how it works and why it’s safe.

Miles discusses where he thinks the cryptocurrency market is going and what you should do about it. He feels that BitCoin is the bridge between fiat currency and other cryptocurrencies – and just about anyone can get a piece of the market. Miles also talks about staying tied to cryptocurrency news, and how that fuels his successful investments at Flux Ventures Holding Company.

Developing a Need Based Product

Miles first business venture started with an entrepreneurship class at his university.  He chose to develop and sell portable phone chargers for his first company. In this episode, he talks about why he selected this need based product.

Miles discusses what it was like outsourcing product development to China. He recommends you choose a manufacturer and fulfillment center based on their attitude.

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