TBL Episode 6: The Skinny on Success From a Man Redefining Fitness

These tips for success stream from Glassey’s conversation with Gabe Arnold of Business Marketing Engine.

P.J. Glassey turns his obsession with brain, nutrition and exercise science research into a business which earns a profit and benefits his clients. With X Gym locations in West Seattle and Kirkland, Washington, Glassey’s innovative X Gym 21 Minute Workout Program continues to rack up fitness and financial success.

As a gym founder, author of Cracking Your Calorie Code, and producer of Real Results in 20 Minutes Twice a Week, Glassey’s work also branches into nutrition and brain training. Helping clients move past hurdles in both fitness and nutrition remains a passion of his work and remnant of his initial interest in psychology.   

Checking out the X Gym website and following Glassey on Facebook or Twitter may lead one to think he has all the answers for success. However, this once-skinny teen found his passion through personal fitness and developed his business via the lessons that entrepreneurship teaches.

Here’s the recap of the insights Glassey shares in his conversation with Gabe Arnold of Business Marketing Engine.  

Create a Unique Solution

Glassey’s quest for answers led him to discover a lack of research in the arena of exercise science as well as problems with traditional exercise methods. He set out to solve three problems with set-and-rep programs:

  1. They require too much time and commitment;
  2. Result in injury;
  3. And, fail to meet the consumer need for definition and strength without bulk.

The non-traditional, high intensity, low risk, minimal time commitment workouts Glassey developed hit the mark.

Work Your Strengths. Hire Your Weaknesses

The ease of the conversation with Gabe illustrates Glassey’s comfort with his strengths and weaknesses. He suggests business owners stick with their strengths and do what they do best. Then, hire others with the strengths to counter their weaknesses. For instance, Glassey’s built-in skill set rests outside the business realm. He hires people adept at these skills.

Remove the Rose-Colored Glasses

As Glassey admits, entrepreneurs are usually optimists. However, he encourages business owners to expect challenges and plan accordingly. In the early years, Glassey opted to handle issues on the fly. The growth of Glassey’s business moved slowly, not obtaining the nationwide reach which he expected at this point.

Feed the Hunger

Diving into research for ways to benefit clients remains an everyday activity for Glassey.
Constant improvement is a key to success. For instance, his clients’ busy, mobile lives leave little time for traditional exercise. Training via Skype or FaceTime, as well as virtual training meets client needs with modern technologies and well-researched training know-how.

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