Podcasts Paint a Picture of Your Commitment to Customers

Your business probably has a blog, Twitter account, and a Facebook page, but do you need a podcast? More and more businesses and professionals are using podcasts for marketing as a way to distinguish themselves from the competition. Podcasts allow you to interview other guest experts, which helps you network, build credibility, and make professional connections. Consumers enjoy podcasts because it gives them a way to conveniently consume content. Read on to find out more ways podcasts connect you to your customers.

Podcasts are a time commitment

Creating a podcast isn’t just a matter of sitting down and recording yourself talking. It takes time and thought to create something worth listening to. You’ll need to create visuals for your podcast, schedule guests, determine the show’s format, and decide how frequently you’ll record. It’s also a smart idea to do some practice shows to get comfortable with recording yourself and the posting procedure. When your audience hears the final product – a well put together podcast that’s informative and entertaining – they’ll also hear that you took the time and care to create the podcast for them.

The time commitment for creating and editing a podcast can be the biggest stumbling block for you. If you designate time each month, week, or every other week to record and edit your podcast, you’ll be more likely to stick with it.

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, Podcasts Paint a Picture of Your Commitment to Customers, Business Marketing Engine

Content is crafted with the listener in mind

Not only should interests be taken into mind but also listening habits. Podcasts can be thought of like radio stations; listeners can turn it off or change to something different at any time for any reason. They’re usually by themselves when they are listening, so they will feel free to change it if they are not feeling fulfilled, educated, or entertained. Because of this, you need to provide value. The value will keep people listening, re-listening, and coming back to listen to new programs.

What types of content provides value? Value can come in the form of education, inspiration, motivation, or entertainment. The key is to not make your podcast one long commercial. Content comes across more valuable when it’s not just a single-person conversation. Interviewing someone or participating in a panel discussion not only provides more value but is also more dynamic for listeners.

When you make the commitment to provide content that is valuable to your listeners with each podcast, they will be happy to come back for more.

Podcasts allow you to be specific

When it comes to social media, we often get too hung up on the numbers. We want lots of Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and blog readers. When it comes to podcasts, however, it can be better to have a smaller number of people who love your content than a large number who just kind of like you.

The way to attract those adoring fans is by committing to an extremely specific niche with your podcast. That way, you’re telling your target audience that you are the exact person they should be listening to. If you’re after clients, you don’t need thousands of people listening; you just need the right people tuned in.

Having a very specific niche allows you to interview guests who you know your audience will be interested in, use language they’ll understand and connect with, and target what their biggest issues are. You could even tailor some of your products or services to your podcast audience to solve their specific problems, and they’ll be more likely to purchase what you have to offer since you’re giving them exactly what they need. This commitment to solving their problems will be appreciated by your customers.

You’ve created a podcast…now what?

If you’ve gone through the steps and taken the time to put together an entertaining and informative podcast, you’ll want to be sure that people hear it. Include links to your podcast on your website and at the end of each blog, mention it in your email signature, and enlist in podcast directories like iTunes and podcast.net. You’ll want to encourage your subscribers and fans to listen with automatic, periodic updates.

When done right, a podcast can be a very valuable weapon in your marketing arsenal. You should market it just like you would a blog, service, product, or anything else. When you take the time to have a well-recorded, informative, and useful podcast for your listeners, and they recognize that you make that same commitment to your customers, they’ll be ready to pay you for your products or services that meet their needs.

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, Podcasts Paint a Picture of Your Commitment to Customers, Business Marketing Engine