5 Tools Everyone In The Marketing Industry Needs to Use to Get Ahead

Craftsmen are only as effective as the tools at their disposal. Whether you are building houses or a content marketing empire, you need the right tools to be successful. The problem is that there are thousands of potential choices to help you reach and convert your target audience. How do you know which tools will bring you the success you seek? Here are the top five marketing tools you need to get ahead:


Monitoring interaction “heat maps” is the key to smart digital marketing. Hotjar tracks scroll speed, clicks, cursor hover and more. In addition, it helps you create a more accurate picture of what’s driving engagement on your site or social media. Better still, Hotjar tracks how many visitors use content to make a purchase or request more information. All in all, it is an exceptionally useful tool. 


Infographics are among the top drivers for effectively communicating information visually. In fact, many marketers find their infographics outperform other media like video, copy and photos. Venngage allows you to build infographics for your site or social media channels in three simple steps. All you need to do is pick a template, plug in your data and choose your visuals. Furthermore, the app does the legwork and you can tweak the final product to your heart’s content.


Content with relevant images always outperforms plain text. VisualHunt provides access to the high-quality images you need to create memorable, engaging content. In fact, all photos have a Creative Commons Zero license, allowing for free commercial use. Put in the keyword or theme you need, and VisualHunt will provide you with plenty of high-quality options.


Managing content is time-consuming and demands significant focus. Contentful is here to simplify your content management with its API-driven infrastructure. For instance, you can generate, manage and distribute content across any platform or device from a single dashboard. Think of it like WordPress but with content marketing-specific controls.


One of the hottest digital marketing trends right now is Facebook Messenger. Messages via Facebook Messenger currently average an 80 percent open rate. Email marketing doesn’t even come close to those numbers. MobileMonkey allows you to build your own chatbot for free. You can set up chat blasts (mass outgoing messages). In addition, you can answer customer questions, interact with your contacts, survey your customers and much more. If you are looking for a more interactive way to reach your target audience, MobileMonkey is it.

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These five marketing tools are just some of the marketing apps you can use to get ahead with digital marketing. Business Marketing Engine knows the ins and outs of using marketing tools to grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can put our marketing mojo to work for you.