The Impact of Servant Leadership on Your Team

Barking orders and being tough on subordinates may seem to command attention and establish respect on the surface. However, it doesn’t necessarily prove to be an effective leadership technique. A better, healthier model comes in the form of servant leadership. Being a servant leader is enormously impactful with the right team.

So, what does it mean to be a servant leader? Let’s dive in. 

Facilitates Mutual Growth and Understanding

Rather than being top-down, you can think of servant leadership as a “down-top” method of management. In other words, it’s the responsibility of the leader to not only serve clients, but also those in their charge. 

By demonstrating an attitude of service towards those traditionally beneath them in the hierarchy, the servant leader sets an example. It sets the tone for others in the organization to emulate this practice with those they oversee. 

Servant leaders understand that as team members learn their function within the organization, it’s their duty to grow with the team. Listening, empathy and commitment to the growth of people are all principles of servant leadership. Those tenets are only achieved through a desire to listen, understand and learn from team members. 

Adhering to a servant leadership model helps to create a two-way chain of service. In the organizational structure, information and resources flow from the bottom up and the top down. 

Creates a Sense of Community

A crucial component of servant leadership is building community as well as a productive team. A servant leader empowers those in their charge to feel like they’re part of something bigger — by ensuring that every team member feels supported not only by the servant leader but by others. 

When goals are clearly laid out and teammates are mutually supportive everyone benefits. Servant leaders recognize that the whole is not necessarily greater than the sum of its parts. Each “part” belongs to the community within the organization. 

Conceptualizes the Big Picture

Lastly, a servant leader has a blueprint for success and conceptualizes where the organization is ultimately headed. They help the team envision the overarching goal and ensure that those around them reap the rewards when goals are met. 

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