Episode 82

How to Make Your Messaging Mean Something (Episode 82)

Gabe’s long-time mentor Brian Kurtz visits Today’s Business Leaders to share his take on competition and collaboration, why it is important to deserve the money you earn and more actionable advice. Brian started out as a list manager working in the direct mailing industry. Today, Brian continues to put the lessons he learned earlier in his career to good use.

The Value of 100-0

Brian realized that while he was good at what he did, and he was finding success, there were probably other list managers out there who knew different things and were also good at their jobs. He knew that if he could connect with these people, it would be possible to share ideas and collaborate so everyone could learn and incorporate some of this knowledge into how they worked going forward. This notion of collaborating instead of competing has defined how Brian works.

“It’s amazing how the people who think they’ve got it all and think they got it dialed in and they better not share it with anybody are generally the ones that don’t last,” Brian explains. “The ones who share, last.” Brian shares the concept of 100-0. Sharing information doesn’t need to be an even split, and collaborating isn’t about keeping score. Sharing is about helping others, putting positive energy into the air and doing your best.

Develop Relationships

While the medium of communication has changed, Brian continues to take his lists very seriously. He advises against treating contact lists with a one-size-fits-all approach but to instead treat the people on your lists like people. Build and develop relationships. This practice takes time, but the revenue will come. “Every time you press send, make it mean something,” says Brian. Take your time, because going in for the kill too soon can end the relationship and cost you the sale.

Looking at Lifetime Value

Check out Brian’s book, Overdeliver to learn more about his mentors. Get in touch with Brian through email, visit his website or catch up on LinkedIn or Facebook. Listen to earlier episodes of Today’s Business Leaders for more actionable advice and to find out more about Gabe’s business and available solutions.

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