Episode 108

Process Improvement for the Space Industry with Jason Kanigan – (Episode 108)

What if a rocket or satellite launch became part of everyday life? Is it possible to make space boring? Jason Kanigan, a process improvement expert and space industry networker, is working on exactly that. 

Jason is the founder and CEO of Cold Star Technologies. His company specializes in process engineering of space technology, data science and small business fraud prevention. Through his longtime entrepreneurial journey, Jason was able to take his wisdom and knowledge and apply it to the space industry. 

Ever since he was a kid, Jason wanted to work in the space industry. While determined, he did not reach his goal until much later in life. Jason’s first taste of entrepreneurship was in copywriting. After running a successful copywriting business for a number of years, he jumped from consulting to sales to fraud detection. 

Through his wide variety of experiences, he gained valuable knowledge in business, networking, processes and culture. In 2018, he started his show, the Cold Star Project, to talk to different industry leaders about the challenges of scaling a business. With over 150 episodes under his belt, Jason has met and networked with hundreds of business experts from a variety of industries. 

Using his platform, he also started connecting with people in the space industry. He began learning the ins and outs of space technology and how he could use his skills to fill in some gaps. In 2016, he started Cold Star Technologies to assist space industry professionals with various issues. Jason works as a networker in the space world. Through his show and conferences, he brings industry leaders together who may not meet otherwise. 

With Cold Star Technologies, he uses the term “installer” to describe his role. He helps companies install various methods to improve performance. Through his work, he helps companies detect fraud, streamline their operations and improve their processes. He also stresses the importance of workplace culture and how it is essential for management to design the culture they want to see from their team. 

Jason and his expert team of engineers, marketing specialists and space industry advisors continue to work tirelessly to make space part of everyday life. Their tagline, “Make Space Boring” is the perfect way to express their work. In the future, space technology and exploration will be as mundane as driving to work or browsing the internet. 

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