Here’s How Social Media Falls Into Your Marketing Plan

Many businesses have failed to see how critical social media has become. However, ask any marketing and branding company today, and they’ll tell you that social media is more than just a way to mention your business and get a few clicks. 

If proper marketing is about messaging, then social media should be at the heart of any marketing strategy. Since social media accounts for more communication online than other outlets, it stands to reason that the way to reach customers these days is through a well-crafted social media presence.

Here are three ways that social media should drive your marketing campaigns.

Crafting a Message

Long gone are the days where customers simply expected a company to announce sales or run advertisements on television. With social media at the forefront of our lives, businesses and brands are now using these platforms to discuss their thoughts, be approachable and reach out with focused messages about who they are and where they fit into the larger world.

With access to multiple platforms 24 hours a day, and the potential for thousands of people to see whatever you post, there’s no reason not to go beyond what you’re used to doing. Craft posts and messages that show who you are as a brand, what your values are and how your company can meet the needs of those you’re reaching out to.

Building a Brand

Having a brand is more than simply designing a logo and a color scheme. Your brand says everything about you – your values, your desires, your plans for the future. Social media is the best way to build a brand. Constant posting can help shed light on who you are as a company and what the customer can expect from you.

Forging a Connection

The best part about social media is the immediate feedback you can receive. Many companies shy away from this feedback, fearing negative comments and critiques. But this feedback and your ability to respond immediately and personally is how you connect with those on the other end. By engaging with the digital community, you will find that customers start to look to you for content and voice, and the intimate connection they feel to you and your brand results in loyalty and sales.

Social media lets you connect with your customers and build brand loyalty and name recognition. Make them feel like they know you, and they’ll turn to you first whenever they have the need. If you’re not sure how to go about building these connections and crafting these posts, that’s where we come in. Contact Business Marketing Engine today so we can build your social media presence.