Email Marketing Best Practices: Tools You Need

Email marketing remains one of the most effective ways for you to connect with your audience. Whether you’re selling your product or services, distributing content, or just trying to raise brand awareness, marketing to your email list can get it done.

What are some of the best practices for email marketing? What tactics can you employ to get the most from your digital marketing? Today, we discuss three strategies you need to know about.

Check out this list of three email marketing strategies that you can use for your business. If you have any questions, contact us, or leave them in the comments below. Need help creating content for your email marketing? Jump to the end of the article and see how Business Marketing Engine can serve you.

Three Email Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

1. Release Episodic Content via Your Email List

Your email list is a direct channel to communicate with your audience. If you sourced your email addresses ethically (pro tip: never, ever pay for email addresses!) then you know everyone on your email marketing list actually wants to hear from you. One way to get their attention is to release episodes of your content directly to your email list.

Create a YouTube video series that’s related to your brand. It can be educational, informative or just plain entertaining. Record podcasts — maybe interviews with influencers in your industry. Host the content on your company website or blog, and then market it via your email list.

Imagine the people on your email list as your “premiere” audience. Even though your content is available for anyone to see, you invite them to check it out personally. Through both a feeling of exclusivity and your personal invite, your content comes across as more meaningful and special to your audience.

2. Share a “One-Time-Only” Sales Offer

Email marketing offers can create a sense of urgency. By sharing a “one-time-only” offer with your email marketing list, you compel your current and/or interested customers to convert by taking advantage of a special discount. These exclusive offers reward customer loyalty while encouraging your audience to act.

Send out an email advertisement with an offer code or special product link you’ll only distribute via your email marketing. You can do this for a holiday, as part of a new product or service promotion, or just to stimulate business. Layout all the details in your email. Include a clickable call to action button that allows your reader to easily make their purchase.

Make sure you set a specific timeline for your “one-time-only” offer. Many e-commerce retailers will advertise a surprise flash sale that may last only 48 hours — and the only way to know about it is through their email list. We recommend you don’t run your one-time-only sales promotion for longer than two weeks.

3. Run a Contest / Giveaway

What can you afford to give away to your audience for free? Can you offer an hour or your professional services? A free sample of your product? Figure out what you can offer, and then run a contest or giveaway via your email marketing list.

Contests are an excellent way to gather new lead information. Create a landing page with a contact form for people to enter your contest. You can use this information for future email marketing. Even if someone doesn’t win the prize you have to offer, you can still sell them on other services as a “runner-up” prize.

A sure-fire way to get people interested in your company or brand is to give something away. Share a few samples of your latest product with people on your email marketing list. Let them have your product without paying you in cash — but ask them to blog about their experiences. Trading products or services for a reputable product review can be incredibly valuable.

Email Marketing by Business Marketing Engine

We hope these three free email marketing strategies help you advertise to your audience and to make more sales. Have you tried any of these strategies before? How did it work out for you? Share your email marketing successes with us in the comment section.

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