Common Marketing Problems and How You Can Solve Them

Marketing is one of the most indispensable yet uncertain functions of any business. Although it is the major driver of your success, measuring effective marketing is a confusing task. Marketers often find themselves trying to correct consistently low ROI despite their best efforts.

There are multitudes of issues marketers face in formulating a marketing strategy, especially within the rapidly changing media landscape. To get started, we will look at the most common marketing problems and how to solve them.

Generating Leads and Traffic

Reaching your target audience, sparking interest and compelling conversion is the most basic marketing function. There is ever-expanding competition for your audience’s attention. In addition, a vast array of platforms to communicate your value are present. Finding innovative ways to put your brand front and center for the most valuable consumers takes a tightly-defined strategy.

Content strategies are the hot focus for savvy marketers looking to increase traffic and leads. But the content needs to have value — would someone pay for the quality? Therefore, if you are offering blogs, guides or other consistent content, ask yourself the crucial questions:

  • Is my content search engine optimized?
  • Does my content lead to email capture or conversion?
  • Where can I fit videos into my content offerings?
  • Can I create white papers or ultimate guides for landing pages and generating leads?
  • Am I leveraging social media effectively to increase traffic?

Creating a Clear Strategy

Without a specific strategy in place, marketing efforts are inconsistent and results are realized through blind luck. It takes time and coordination but developing a marketing plan creates a vision for your organization to follow. 

Figure out your marketing objectives and define them clearly in a measurable way. Furthermore, communicate them to your employees. Use research to create buyer personas and build a habit of thinking from their perspective. Are you addressing their pain points, their needs? Are you being relatable? Once you clearly define your strategy and ideal consumer, invite ideas from the team and inspire accountability.

Effective Task Management

Small businesses need to stay conscious of their budget and many managers take on many marketing responsibilities internally. While it is almost always the cheaper route, inexperience and poor coordination are common marketing problems these companies face.

Assess the reasonable expectations for your team based on their expertise and availability. Can anyone produce content? Who can serve as a website admin? Can we manage a schedule? Are we able to produce graphics or video? These are just some questions to ask to make sure you are not overexerting the talents of your team.

Consider looking at an external marketing company. It is understandable to be hesitant about the prospect but these entities are not necessarily all-or-nothing partners. If you can manage certain tasks, they may be able to handle the rest in a harmonious, cost-effective relationship. Certainly, many companies curate their services to fit the particular needs of their clients. 

With professional marketers, you also know that you are getting expert treatment. Are you ready to enhance your marketing strategy? Contact us at Business Marketing Engine today to get started.