12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing

Not a passing trend, digital marketing reaches current audiences and shows vitality into the future for businesses. After all, the World Wide Web is not going away anytime soon. Investing in this aspect of your company proves fruitful. However, the complex and ever-changing Internet raises the requirements and stakes for those tackling these marketing campaigns.

Outsourcing your marketing needs offers dividends not seen in traditional hiring situations. Increased skill, decreased cost and improved job performance represent a few potential assets.  In short, pursuing a good working relationship with a professional digital marketing agency gives your company an edge.

Admitting a lack of resources and confidence in the growing arena of digital marketing, business owners wisely look for help. After all, humility is a sign of a good leader. Consider these 12 reasons you should outsource your marketing and find the help you need.

1. Gaining Skills and Expertise

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

Understanding your customers along with their habits and quirks is the heart of marketing.Being able to measure these efforts proves essential in effective campaigns. Add to these tasks the complex world of digital technology and you experience quite a mix.

These tasks require skills and expertise. Imagine: To create a brilliant campaign, you need to be a copywriter, graphic designer, social media expert, strategist, software guru and more. Marketing teams provide these skills and expertise under one umbrella.

2. Accessing the Tools of Technology

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

Not only do digital marketers bring skill and expertise to the table, they do not travel without their toolbox. Up-to-date tools to effectively implement, track and obtain the best marketing results bring you success. Purchasing these instruments on your own becomes costly, not only for the product but in training and implementation as well.

Working with a digital firm lowers the cost of such software and other tools. Plus, you have access to a professional who is trained to employ the instruments and has the experience of using them daily. This asset proves valuable for decreasing costs but also for increasing peace of mind and your bottom line.

3. Employing the Best Practices

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

In the ever-changing world of technology, keeping up is no easy task. However, utilizing the latest technologies and strategies reaps greater rewards. Outsourced marketing brings knowledge of the best practices to your service.

Your company, personality and niche are unique. Using the skills, expertise and tools mentioned above, these teams know how to tackle your custom situation, test it, adjust and maintain success. This allows for a higher productivity rate and quicker results. After all, we know that the things we do well are quicker to implement and get rolling. Digital marketing agencies are versed in the best practices to get you the best results.

4. Bridging the Knowledge Gap

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

Recognizing the skills and expertise required in digital marketing leaves a knowledge gap. While you could read and Google answers, seek training or fly by the seat of your pants, you are likely to fall into the gap. Also, the approach of digital marketing efforts differs from traditional thinking.

Outsourced marketing agencies bridge this divide for you. Rather than playing catch-up or using trial and error, these firms offer the knowledge to fill the gap between what you know and what you know you need. This expertise offers sure footing and protection from a dangerous fall.

5. Redeeming Time

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

Time proves a valuable commodity as any business owner knows. Utilizing an outside marketing agency saves time. Saving time, saves money. It is that simple.

Outsourcing marketing efforts:

  • Allows employees to work more productively without being sidetracked by marketing tasks.
  • Increases revenue from current projects due to focus and completion.
  • Frees business owners to concentrate on other efforts.
  • Creates efficient marketing campaigns that get results.
  • Decreases training of staff to the skills and standards required with digital marketing.

6. Saving Money

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

While it may seem logical that handing out digital marketing assignments to current employees saves money (after all, they are already paid), this is not true in the long run. Strapping staff with additional tasks depletes their energy, creativity and productivity within their hired job. On the other hand, outsourced marketing tasks bring cost savings.

For instance:

  • Hiring an expert draws a hefty price with the additional costs of benefits, taxes, space, etc.
  • Employing a on-staff digital marketing team multiplies these costs.
  • Time spent on overtime, additional means or staff to complete tasks zaps resources.
  • Money spent on software and technology decreases as mentioned above. These tools can be costly, often into the 1000s of dollars monthly.

7. Protecting the Daily Flow

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

Business requires a certain amount of time and energy daily to keep it moving. Adding a new project or campaign, interrupts this activity, possibly even to the detriment of your company. The crux of the issue is this: You know a digital marketing plan is vital to moving your business forward, but you have no space in your day to begin such a task without negatively affecting another area.

Outsourcing your marketing efforts helps. This team works with you to create a strategy based on your business goals and executes the plan outside the daily flow. You now have the best of both worlds.

8. Creating Focus

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

While multi-tasking is all the rage, the truth is that each of us proves more effective when focused. Taking advantage of our strengths also increases productivity. These two factors hint at a powerful reason to outsource marketing efforts.

As a business owner, working with an outside marketing agency frees you to focus on the areas you are proficient at and the tasks you need to get done. All the while, you are in the know with summaries and reports from an outsourced firm. This assurance that your goals are met keeps you looking ahead and your company moving forward.

9. Adjusting to Ongoing Needs

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

The ongoing process of Internet marketing requires continual maintenance, reporting and adjusting for the best results. This is no one-and-done task. Search engine optimization and social media accounts require weekly, if not daily, attention. Generating new content and building links increase marketing results, but only with attention. In addition, keeping up with changes and updates in technologies and methods is vital.

Cutting edge information is the expertise of digital marketing firms. Outsourcing these tasks brings assurance that it is being done and done well. And, again, it provides breathing room for your staff to tackle other tasks, including catering to the new leads you will be generating.

10. Increasing Your Bottom Line

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

Outsourcing your marketing efforts offers good return on investment. While the initial numbers may appear to raise costs, the pay-off arises in leads converted, flexible costs, and the decrease of hidden internal expenditures associated with campaigns generated internally. In short, quality digital marketing boosts revenue.

Remember you are partnering with dedication to a marketing world that never sleeps. Calculating those hours alone proves the profitability of outsourcing. Also, the agency bears the weight of the risk when strategy changes.

11. Maintaining Flexible Release

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

Hiring an SEO marketing expert on staff gets tricky. The need for oversight and the arising job performance issues create cumbersome, costly resolution. Plus, this insight is multiplied over a team of specialists.

In the case of outsourced marketing, if the relationship proves rocky or the results do not pan out, simply move onto another company. Also, since these agencies tend to work per project, you have the flexibility to increase or decrease their functions. This flexibility allows you to test out a relationship, adjust one and scale costs as needed.

12. Generating Fresh Ideas

, 12 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing, Business Marketing Engine

An outsourced marketing firm comes to your industry afresh. While they may have experience working with others similar to your niche, they are not indwelt in it like your team is currently. By asking a plethora of questions, digital marketers generate a broad, fresh perspective and innovative ideas.

This outsider perspective creates marketing campaigns that do not fit typical industry molds, making you stand out in the crowd. While you are bright and savvy, we all know that too much time in the same arena dulls our senses. Outsourced marketing awakens our imaginations again and breathes life into marketing efforts.

Final Thoughts

Outsourcing your marketing efforts may bring a bit of trembling at the prospect and the dollar figures. However, this investment proves to be one with minimal risk. Beginning with one project offers you a picture into the services and working relationship with an agency. If you like the results, move ahead. If not, move on.

The search is worth the effort. After all, you increase the productivity of your workforce by removing these tasks from their list, free your mind to pursue more business dreaming, planning and problem-solving and generate fresh, current marketing ideas. Plus, your company flourishes under the skills and expertise of an off-site digital marketing team.

Intrigued? Take the first step. Contact us today. Meeting your company’s marketing needs should be your only focus. And, with focus comes success.