What Servant Leadership Looks Like in a Business

Servant leadership works wonderfully in a business because it brings people together to focus on a common goal. Controlling, authoritative leadership does not always work well because it mainly focuses on the head of the company and not those who work below the “boss” to ensure goals are being met. In a business, the focus cannot just be at the top; it has to run throughout the business and impact every single person who works there. 

Let’s take a look at some examples of what servant leadership looks like in a business. 

The Big Picture

Servant leaders do not just focus on themselves and aim to bring prosperity just to themselves and their equals. This leader aims to bring excellence to all employees. Servant leaders prioritize job aspects that everyone needs — sick time, PTO, vacation days, good health insurance and other incentives that inspire people to work hard and get the job done. Servant leaders know their employees’ time is valuable and appreciate the dedication they bring to the business. 

Team Spirit

Good servant leaders foster team spirit and a sense of community in their businesses — they know that each individual brings something special, and wants to bring all of that together and celebrate their teams. They value having a sense of community and regularly plans team events that will encourage collaboration and relationship building. 


Employees who work for someone who cares about them will actively do more to get the job done and be more engaged in their day-to-day work lives. The leaders who focus on themselves are not going to draw in employees and inspire them. Everyone in the workplace needs incentive and purpose, and servant leaders bring that to their businesses and increase workplace engagement every single day. 

Final Thoughts

Exhibiting servant leadership in the workplace should be a norm. Many business owners and company leaders spend too much time focusing on themselves and their equals. That is a huge problem in the workplace. When all employees feel appreciated, they will do a better job and use their time to be productive. Treating everyone with the same respect and dignity will go a long way and make a business so much better. Remember to always appreciate your employees and make them a priority in your business. 

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