What a Marketing Plan Blueprint Looks Like

Marketing is essential for any business. However, the task of creating a marketing plan can seem rather daunting. Your marketing must represent your company’s ideals. Digital marketing must showcase your marketing efforts. 

With so many subcategories to marketing, it is hard to understand where to even start. That is where a marketing blueprint comes in. A marketing blueprint will help you tackle a specific plan to get ready for your marketing phases. 

We are going to go over what a marketing plan blueprint should look like. That way, you will have a solidified plan to enact your marketing goals. Your marketing plan blueprint should include the following sections.

Business Marketing Engine specializes in helping business design blueprints to best utilize your marketing campaigns. 

Mission Statement

The marketing you give out to the world reflects who your business is. That means, your marketing plan blueprint must reflect your mission statement. 

It should outline the values and goals of the company to properly measure its success. Remember, your clients are loyal to you because they believe in your company’s ideals. Those ideals should be present in everything you do. 

Target Audience

You should also address your target audience in this blueprint. 

Your target audience for some marketing might not be the same for other marketing. For some marketing, you may want to target already loyal clientele to get them to come back and visit or buy another product.

Other marketing can reach out to new audiences to direct them to your product or service.

In your plan blueprint, your target audience ideally needs specification. You can use this space to also detail how you plan to reach your target.


Your plan blueprint is a great time to brainstorm how you want to engage in the target audience that we discussed above. 

Social media is a great tool to use for engagement. You can engage with your audience via comments or posted stories. 

You can also utilize surveys to keep track of customer satisfaction. 

Goals and Objectives

Your marketing blueprint plans is another great way to determine your goals and objectives. You can also add a position statement here as well, stating how your company can help the customer. 

Physically writing down your goals and objectives is an important act to achieving those goals. With the goals physically written down, your company will be able to continuously refer to the blueprint to ensure they are adequately meeting those goals. 

Business Marketing Engine works with clients to design blueprints for businesses looking to properly utilize their marketing campaigns. By following these guidelines, you will have a marketing plan blueprint that will effectively establish your marketing to the world. Contact Business Marketing Engine for more information on marketing blueprints.