Episode 94

The Queen of Visibility: Juliette Stapleton – (Episode 94)

Juliette Stapleton is a born entrepreneur.

It’s evident in every word she says and every thought she expresses. Her journey towards self-discovery, entrepreneurship, and rise to online visibility royalty was quite a ride.  She gained a wealth of experience and knowledge she now shares with others. Her successful track record working with entrepreneurs at all stages of their own journey speaks for itself, too.

Juliette had something of an epiphany in 2017…

when she recognized she had abandoned her dreams and wasn’t pursuing the life she wanted. She read a testimonial article from an online coach that proved to be her wake-up call. She decided through self-discovery that instead of working for others, she was going to work for herself.

Through personal and professional difficulties, she learned that striking out on your own as an entrepreneur means finding a comfortable, pragmatic way to figure yourself out. You will know best what that is.  Once you’ve got yourself squared away, then it’s time to start looking for ways to help others and build strong relationships. From those relationships, your visibility and your brand will grow.

We talk about the importance of self-development, self-discovery, and how one-on-one coaching is vital to your continuing journey and developing inspired content that grabs attention. Juliette also puts special emphasis on what she calls “Finding The Flow”, which is all about closely observing how people and concepts interact in the world around them. Look for what works and what doesn’t, and record your findings and reflections.


We wrap up our discussion by talking about the importance of facing fear, delegation, and realistic expectations. Juliette very emphatically states that to achieve great things and greater visibility, sometimes you just have to say “F*ck it! I can do this. I want this.”

Pushing past your fear takes a lot out of you, so Juliette insists you must learn to delegate draining tasks to others so you can focus on maintaining your determination and give it your all. She also reminds all of us that plans and dreams have their own timetable. Things don’t happen overnight. We need to trust that we are moving in the right direction and be patient while our hard work bears fruit.

I had a great time talking with Juliette, and I hope you get a lot out of listening to this episode today. Please be sure to like, share and comment, and you can find out more about how to reach Juliette in the links below. See you next time!


You can connect with Juliette via her website, email, her personal Facebook, Social Media Visibility That Gets Clients Facebook Group, Queen of Visibility Facebook Group, or LinkedIn. Find out more about the solutions available from Business Marketing Engine. Learn more actionable advice from leading entrepreneurs by listening to more installments of Today’s Business Leaders.

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