Episode 96

How To Turn Trusted Relationships Into Real Revenue with Teddy Burriss – (Episode 96)

Have you ever questioned yourself? Have you realized that your career isn’t going how you thought it would? What if you had “the dream life, the nice cars, the big house and the “perfect” family? Imagine traveling with a private jet or using a credit card with no spending limit.  On the outside, it may look like you have it all.

However, deep inside, you know something is missing.

Teddy Burriss knew this feeling all too well. He had the dream job, the dream lifestyle, got to travel the world on a private jet, but he kept falling short.

He found himself going through the motions, seeking true happiness.  He knew something was missing, but couldn’t quite pinpoint what exactly it was. When Teddy approached retirement, he knew his career wasn’t over. He still had to provide for his family and make sure the bills got paid.

At the age of 61, Teddy decided to take a leap of faith. He recognized that he was either going to age out and become a dinosaur, or he could find something to invest his valuable time into, creating a more fulfilling lifestyle. 

For six months, Teddy didn’t earn a single cent. What Teddy did earn was some of the most valuable tips, tricks and business lessons. This knowledge opened the doors to his financial freedoms, and his own six figure business by becoming a master of sales and marketing on LinkedIn. 

Today Teddy spends his days with clients from all walks of life, who are ready to focus their time, attention and effort into using LinkedIn for making lasting connections, friendships and unique relationships that yield a return. 

If you want to step up your LinkedIn game, you should definitely listen to Today’s Business Leaders Podcast. Its host, Gabe Arnold, interviews Teddy Burriss, a LinkedIn Master, who turns relationships into real revenue. 

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