Episode 95

Turn Body Fat Into A 6-Figure Income with Amir Pozderac – (Episode 95)

How many times have you worried about how you were going to provide for yourself or your family? When was the last time you stood in front of a grocery store check-out clerk, hoping your debit card read approved? Think about a time when you didn’t know if you were going to make ends meet. How did you feel? What did you think? How did you act? 

Amir Pozderac experienced those unsettling moments in his life, especially while he lived in Bosnia. It wasn’t until early childhood, also during a time of war, that he realized what “survival of the fittest” truly meant. If he wanted to eat, he needed to learn how to barter, so he could make a profit. By the age of seven, Amir mastered this art, realizing his full potential. Those enlightening moments redefined to him what it meant to be “fit.”

Amir knew he wanted something more. A decade later, he graduated from pharmacy school in Bosnia. He then took a leap of faith and moved away from everything he knew to explore opportunities in the United States. “I don’t believe that leaders are made, I believe they are born.” Amir settled himself in the U.S. and continued his exploration of himself, his value and his worth.

Amir Pozderac, also known as the “Alpha Entrepreneur” decided to make his own rules. He sets the bar high because he’s walking proof of three main principles: health, relationships and finances. 

Amir understands what it’s like to go without. He knows the ramifications of fad health trends and diets. After spending five years on a journey of health and fitness, he ironically gained an additional 80 pounds of unhealthy fat and weight. This is when he got his calling. This is when Amir turned his fat into a 6 figure income that continues to thrive.

Amir approaches fitness differently. He addresses the unsexy parts of the weight loss and fitness journey. His team develops life-changing lifestyle modifications to foster a mental and physical wellness approach to healthy living.

If you’re tired of feeling defeated by all the fad diets, false promises and get fit quick solutions, then you’ve got to hear Amir’s story. He turned his fat into a six-figure income, with just his passion and his desire to grow, learn and weed out the false trends of health and fitness.

Join host Gabe Arnold, as he welcomes Amir Pozderac, aka the Alpha Entrepreneur, to the Today’s Business Leader’s podcast. They get really raw, and really deep about what it takes to trim the fat, not only in your body, but in life.



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