TBL Episode 81: Getting Real as an Entrepreneur

After eight years of finding success as an entrepreneur, things took a turn for Mary Cravets in 2018. For the first time, her income went down. The amount wasn’t staggering, but Mary found it shocking to be so far along and still hit this hurdle. Mary shares her experience, as well as the lessons learned and lots more actionable advice during her return visit to Today’s Business Leaders.

The Value of Momentum

Mary was convinced she had to invest in a specific strategy to grow her business. She never had time to implement this plan, so she hired someone to help, and the end result was a complete disaster. The strategy didn’t work, and while Mary was able to recoup some of her investment, her momentum took a major hit. “There was all of this loss of momentum because I was not doing the things that did work and that had worked,” explains Mary.

Trusting Your Instincts

Mary now understands that the warning signs were there when she embarked on her unsuccessful endeavor, but she didn’t pay attention. “When you hire someone, if you’ve got a part of you that is going, ‘this doesn’t feel quite right,’ you need to listen to that. There are a lot of experts out there, so pick one that is totally aligned,” advises Mary.

Using the Right Language

Mary and Gabe discuss the importance of doing things your own way but using foundational knowledge to implement a strategy. It’s important to be yourself, but in order to connect with your clients and help them, you need to communicate in a way they understand. These days, Mary credits empathy with making her a better entrepreneur.

Learn All the Answers

Reach out to Mary on email, Facebook and Twitter or visit her site. Check out Breakthrough Call for a direct appointment with one of her team strategists or More Clients Less Marketing for a free webinar that is packed with tips to simplify your client generation. You can also learn more about Business Marketing Engine, and the solutions and pick up actionable advice.

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