TBL Episode 70: Work Smarter as an Entrepreneur

As a teenager, Scott Lucas knew he wanted to do his own thing. He saw his single-mother struggle, so he decided to help himself. He knew he could do things on his own, be a leader and be self-sufficient. This understanding and mindset has led him to continue to do his own thing as an adult and Scott now runs his own business: Scott Lucas Strategies.

The Value of Honesty

Scott thinks honesty is a fundamental aspect of business and sales. “I wish people would be more honest as an entrepreneur. Tell them straight up. It’s really easy to sell the sexiness and the hype. When you sell that you kind of lie to [clients],” Scott explains. Being upfront and honest is a more effective sales strategy that leads to satisfied customers and can help lay the foundation of a strong and viable business.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Scott explains that being an entrepreneur is rewarding if you are smart about how you do things. There is value to hard work, but hard work doesn’t always lead to success. Working smart will lead to success.

Find what you are good at and focus on that. Trying to work your way through something you are not good at or don’t understand will prove to be an inefficient use of time and can end up costing you more than time. Outsourcing difficult tasks, whether that be IT, accounting, implementing processes or anything else can be a smart use of resources and help grow your business.

Finding a Solution

Scott explains how bartering can be a great way to outsource work if money is tight. Offering skills or services in exchange for other services, access or something other than money enables entrepreneurs to work together and help each other with their unique skills.

Find Your Strategy

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