TBL Episode 62: The Interesting Journey of the Unemployables

Janis Pettit is unemployable. For 13 years, Janis worked as a professional actress in New York City before she decided to hang it up and venture into the world of entrepreneurism. Since then she has run a corporate training business, a restaurant, hosted a cable talk show and more. Janis recently shared her experiences for this latest installment of Today’s Business Leaders.

Taking Advantage of the Domino Effect

While running her restaurant in New York City, Janis inadvertently learned some valuable lessons in strategy. High-profile customers regularly frequented the restaurant, and one such customer owned a cable station. This led to Janis hosting a talk show. The show did well, and this led to more high-profile customers coming to the restaurant. Eventually, producers of a hit prime-time drama came in for a meal, and together they worked out a deal to integrate a segment of her show to put in their drama.

The Value of Having Fun

When the time was right, Janis sold the restaurant and moved south, where she purchased a publishing business. “I bought a small publishing business, and I didn’t like it at all. Eventually, I franchised it and sold it. The lesson I learned from that is you can make money doing something you don’t like, but it’s not fun,” explains Janis. In 2002, Janis started her consulting business with the goal of helping others enjoy the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur.

Starting with Something

When working with clients, Janis stresses the importance of needing a strategy and a business plan. She explains, “People don’t like the word strategy. They think it’s kind of old school, you know, a big corporation word. I wish we could come up with a different word.” Despite the linguistic setback, Janis has devised a method for helping her clients understand what they stand to gain by taking the time to craft a strategy and a plan.

Helping People Achieve Success

Learn more from Janis by checking out her free book, Client Multiplier Method, and find out how to access to her free masterclass. Reach out to Janis through emailFacebook, or Twitter visit her website. Visit Gabe’s site to learn about the solutions his company provides, and catch up on earlier episodes to Today’s Business Leaders.

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