TBL Episode 56: How Disengaging with Your Business Can Lead to Growth

Jesse Miller realized as a teenager that he was wired differently from everyone else and he wanted to do things his way and be a business owner. During a recent interview, Jesse explains how he turned his traumatic early childhood experiences into motivation to move forward and drive him to where he is today.

Born to be an Entrepreneur

Early in his career, Jesse held several jobs, and at each, he worked directly with the business owners. Through this experience, Jesse learned firsthand the ins and outs of running a business. “I looked at that theme, and it was always that I was working directly with a business owner and I got to understand what makes a business work and what makes a business fail. That, in a nutshell, is what got me to where I am today,” Jesse explains.

Simple Concept

Jesse took the leap and bought an existing business in 2005. In one year, he doubled the business. He admits this took a lot of hard work, but more importantly, he focused on the simple stuff, and he realized the simple stuff is what trips most people up.

Learning to Engage in What Matters

This lead to the creation of Integrity Entreprises, Jesse’s consulting business to help business leaders learn how to change how they engage with their business in order to improve their quality of life, and by default their business. Jesse provides tips to help business leaders stay focused:

  • Determine what do you want and work towards that goal.
  • Make time to disengage yourself from your business and come back to the mission.

Drive Business Development

Jesse’s advice may seem counterintuitive, but eliminating distractions by focusing on a goal and sometimes taking a step back can help business leaders refocus their efforts and find their enthusiasm. Learn more about Jesse’s business, Integrity Enterprises, and get in touch with him through email, LinkedIn or Facebook. Find out what Gabe’s company can do to help grow your business and hear more tips and inspiring entrepreneurial stories by catching up on earlier episodes of Today’s Business Leaders.

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