TBL Episode 45: Do What Gives You Energy and Passion

After working several corporate jobs, Jaime Jay decided it was time for a change and that the entrepreneurial lifestyle was the way to go. Since then, Jaime has launched several successful businesses and is even on the verge of closing one down in order to pursue more profitable opportunities.

For this installment of Today’s Business Leaders, Jaime speaks with Gabe about the gut-wrenching decision to close down a business, the acronym he uses to concentrate and how to unravel the mystery around knowing when to hire staff.

Finding His Way

Jaime started out selling golf balls and lemonade as a kid. As a young adult, he got off the entrepreneurial track, only to get back on after working 12 years in various corporate jobs. Ultimately, Jaime likes being his own boss and making his own decisions, so there was an appeal to becoming an entrepreneur.

Becoming a Great Leader

Most entrepreneurs do everything themselves in the beginning. Identifying when to hire staff and even how to go about finding the right staff is a challenge. Jaime shares some realizations and tips he has learned to grow your team and ensure your team delivers. It is important to craft expectations so work is done to your specifications and eventually, your staff will improve the process and make things better.

Staying Focused

A major challenge Jaime faced while running four businesses was the drain on his time and energy. This caused Jaime to create the acronym FOCUSS, which stands for Finding Opportunities through Clear and Uninterrupted Strategy Sessions. Simply taking a couple minutes to think about something and concentrate on one thing allows Jaime to get a hold of the situation and create an awesome solution.

Knowing When to Let Go

Jaime is currently in the process of shutting down one of his businesses for the purpose of further expanding his other endeavors. This decision has weighed on Jaime, and he shares how he came to this difficult decision and how he is working through the process of letting go. Listen to the full episode or hear earlier episodes. Reach out to Jaime by email or Facebook. You can visit his business site, Bottleneck Virtual Assistants. Check out Business Marketing Engine, Gabe’s company and learn about the solutions offered.

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