TBL Episode 15: Tips to Create Success on the Entrepreneurial Journey

In this second in a two-part series, Gabe continues his conversation with Adam Alson of Double Down.Digital. During it, Adam explains how his journey took him from explaining an idea to his father in his parent’s kitchen table to running his own business. This path included a few detours, and things didn’t always go according to plan, but Adam preserved and found success. If you haven’t done so already, get up to speed and listen to the first episode.

Just Go Do It

From that fateful discussion with his father regarding his idea to build a local business directory, Adam created a mockup of the site. Using this demo, Adam and his father pitched the online directory to local business owners. During this time, Adam learned how to make a sales pitch and how to approach and work with business owners. In the first year, this father and son team closed 100 deals.

Always Creating and Learning

When the Internet bubble burst, that spelled the end of Staten Island Now, but Adam continued to create and design. For the next few years, he took a series of jobs. At every job he put his knowledge and ability to use, creating videos and designing. Along the way, he further developed his skillset.

Going Pro

Perhaps the most significant step for Adam was taking a job with the New Jersey Nets. In the two and a half seasons he spent with the team, Adam overhauled the website and created an interactive page for the dance team which caught the attention of the NBA head office. This job was pivotal for Adam in terms of the contacts he made. His tenure with the Nets was just a stopover to other jobs and endeavors.

Learning From Every Experience

Eventually, Adam decided to go out on his own and create a startup. He had an idea, and some money stashed away, so he decided to do his own thing. The startup failed to be the success Adam envisioned and after giving it his all, he made the decision to move on.

Going Full Circle

With his failed startup in the past, Adam decided to go back to what he knew best: creating and designing. He started out as a one-man operation while essentially running a digital marketing agency. The company grew and expanded and is a successful operation today. Listen to the full episode to find out what traits Adam attributes to the success of Double Down.Digital.

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