Episode 117

Reprogramming Your Brain for Better Business – (Episode 117)

Being an entrepreneur means learning how to show up effectively for your audience. However, what if your current tactics aren’t working? Are you often asking yourself: “Why don’t they get it?” “Why is my business stagnating?” “How do I effectively communicate my intentions?” Today’s guest, Nic Peterson may have the answer you’re looking for. 

Nic has been an entrepreneur for most of his adult life. He is the co-founder and director of strategic development at Mastery Mode, a business consulting firm dedicated to helping small businesses grow. His entrepreneurial journey began at the ripe old age of 21 when he opened a small gym. 

Building a Network

For four years, Nic basically lived at his gym, doing everything he could to make it successful. While he mostly catered to the Ironman and bodybuilding crowd, he noticed that some of his clients were affluent and successful. Then, the lightbulb switched on. He needed to know how to get more of these successful people in his gym. He started building his network by talking to successful clients and encouraging them to bring their friends to the gym. 

He was eventually able to raise membership prices by creating an exclusive environment for wealthy, successful people. The business grew and grew, and Nic gained valuable business knowledge. The craziest thing was, he did all of this without any marketing or advertising. From there, his success grew exponentially. 

Clarity, Certainty and Collapsing Time

There are a lot of business consulting firms out there. What makes Nic’s methods different from the rest? It all comes down to his core marketing principles: Clarity, Certainty and Collapsing Time. 

Nic realized that every prospect is essentially asking a version of the question “Am I going to be okay?” whether that means money, weight loss, business success or personal growth. To answer that question, you need clarity, certainty and collapsing time. 

Think about using Google Maps to get somewhere. The clarity is that you’re at the right starting point and you’ve programmed in the right destination. The certainty is that Google Maps will get you to your destination. Collapsed time is how fast you drive to get there. The same formula works for any goal you’re trying to achieve. 

Effective Communication

Your clients all have problems they’re trying to solve: “Am I going to be okay?” Once you have certainty, you can provide clarity for how you can solve their problem. Once they realize that you have a solution, collapsed time is your money maker. “When can I start?” or “How long will it take?” 

Nic’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is this: Focus on communication. Talk to people as much as possible. If you find yourself asking: “Why don’t they get it?” it’s time to work on your communication skills to deliver the best results. 

Learn more about Nic by visiting his website. Click here to get started with Mastery Mode and grow your business.

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