Episode 112

Digital Accounting Made Simple with Vinnie Fisher – (Episode 112)

Entrepreneurship and personal development go hand in hand. As you age and grow, your perception of the world changes, along with how you see opportunities. As the business world changes, so does your perspective. CEO and author Vinnie Fisher shares how he took his problem-solving skills and channeled them into the digital business world. 

Vinnie knew he was a problem solver at a young age. After his brother broke his arm, Vinnie took over his paper route and almost tripled his tips. While his brother was annoyed, Vinnie realized that he could apply his problem-solving skills to other things too. 

Early on in his entrepreneurial journey, Vinnie was relying on the latest trends to see where he could plant himself. Following niche markets, he found holes and gaps where he could fit in and solve issues. While he was good at it, Vinnie realized that he was not seeing the value of the work, and was only focused on cash flow. 

Vinnie realized that in order to succeed in business, you have to see the value in the concept. Do I like what I’m doing? Do I believe in this business? Or am I just focused on my paycheck? Vinnie and Gabe share stories of how many entrepreneurs fall into that trap and end up becoming miserable. If you do not add value to the equation, you are going about business in a negative light.  

Going along with value is ethics. Vinnie emphasizes the importance of getting in touch with how you feel about different aspects of business. You have to ask yourself, do I believe in what I’m selling? Do I feel good talking about my business? 

Vinnie and Gabe also discuss the lack of soul and spirituality in business today. Without soul, a business may seem sterile and disconnected from its audience. Not only does soul and spirit add emotion to business, but also humility. 

While running a health supplement company, Vinnie realized there was an accounting problem. Money was pouring in but profit was low. Where was all the money going? He put his problem-solving skills to work and figured out the issue — profit margins. While he fixed his company’s problem, Vinnie realized he could take his skills even further. 

Vinnie started his current business, Fully Accountable, as a way to help digital businesses have full financial intelligence. Fully Accountable is an outsourced accounting firm that takes care of all back-office accounting. He knows that running a business is hard, and having full financial intelligence is essential for survival. Fully Accountable works to ensure that business owners have detailed financial information. They also consult business owners to see where financial gaps need to be filled, saving them time and money. 

Fully Accountable offers accounting services, data analysis, e-commerce accounting and CFO consulting. Contact Vinnie to learn more about his company or schedule an expert call.

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