Episode 111

Becoming the Authority in Your Industry with Joshua Lee – (Episode 111)

How do you make a meaningful connection in the digital world? In the oversaturated content market, connecting with customers and other businesses is harder than ever. What if you focused on quality over quantity? What if you combined monetization with meaningful connections? Author and long-time entrepreneur Joshua Lee figured out a way to do just that. 

Joshua grew up as an only child, so establishing relationships with people was an essential skill he wanted to learn. He knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur from a young age. From selling candy out of his locker to making money playing cards in summer school, Joshua always had an entrepreneurial spirit. 

While in college at UTA, he obtained his real estate broker license and dropped out of school. This was during the early 2000s when the housing market was still a free-for-all for mortgage loans. He soon moved to California to start his first business while also getting into the online world. He began doing online monetization for companies like Myspace before things like SEO and PPC were common marketing terms. 

Between starting new businesses and working in online monetization, Joshua was overworked and stressed. He isolated himself in his office and spent many sleepless nights trying to connect with clients to make money. He wanted more out of life and was tired of working in such a “sales-pitchy” environment. 

After a messy divorce, Joshua reset his life. He closed his companies and moved back home at 36, with almost no money to his name. He wanted to start over, try something new, and be more present for his children. He founded his current company, Stand Out Authority as a way to navigate the digital marketing world in a more meaningful way. 

Taking advantage of LinkedIn, Stand Out Authority helps its clients grow their businesses and build meaningful relationships with their potential clients, unlike traditional advertising and PPC marketing techniques. This allows entrepreneurs to choose who they work with, helps build their reputation, and connects them with more people. 

Joshua and Gabe discuss how saturated the online world is and how content is no longer king. In fact, many users would rather have less information to look at. Seeing this pattern, Joshua uses Stand Out Authority to use different marketing strategies that focus on relationships over money. Money is a by-product of building relationships. The better the connection you have with a client, the more likely they are to work with you. 

Are you ready to grow your business and establish meaningful relationships? Get started with Stand Out Authority by visiting their website. Connect with Joshua on LinkedIn and stay updated on his work on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  


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