Episode 110

Making the Law of Attraction Work For You with Andrew Kap – (Episode 110)

Based on the Law of Attraction, all thoughts turn into things eventually. The energy we put into the universe manifests itself into our reality. While the methods of Law of Attraction have been around for a long time, they are difficult to apply to everyday life. Author and entrepreneur Andrew Kap found a new way to apply the Law of Attraction methodology in a practical way — a way that is accessible to anyone.

Andrew found the path to entrepreneurship shortly after graduating from college. Like most college graduates, Andrew was expected to find a job that would be loyal to him for 30-40 years, just like his parents and relatives did before him. He soon realized that way of thinking was outdated and he would rather be loyal to himself than a company. Within ten years of graduating from college, Andrew looked to entrepreneurship, starting his own business.

Andrew was always interested in Law of Attraction. He began applying the methods in 2004 intermittently and applied them more seriously after the 2008 housing market crash. After losing his first business, Andrew dove deeper into Law of Attraction, got in better physical shape and started to re-group his business strategies.

Throughout his time utilizing Law of Attraction, Andrew realized that all the books he had read focused heavily on theory and ideology, rather than the practical application of the principles. The basic idea of Law of Attraction is that the energy you put into the universe becomes your reality. Putting positive energy out results in positive things happening to you, very similar to the idea of karma. For most people, this is easier said than done.

Last year, Andrew decided to write a book about the practical application of Law of Attraction. “The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read” describes how Andrew was able to stick to practicing Law of Attraction principles via a variety of different methods.

Andrew compares using the Law of Attraction to lifting weights to build muscle. Consistency is key if you want results. Podcast host Gabe Arnold describes the book as a “field guide for Law of Attraction” as it allows you to get out of your own ways and try it out.

Andrew’s book is now an Amazon #1 bestseller, with hundreds of 5-star reviews and raving comments from readers. Andrew’s book is available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more. Learn more about Andrew’s book or check out his YouTube channel and Instagram page.


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