Episode 105

Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals with Rich DeCicco – (Episode 105)

Podcast guest Rich DeCicco is a real estate lead generation expert. He started his entrepreneurial journey at the age of four when he started playing the drums. How does being a musician relate to real estate investing? According to Rich, it’s all about taking what you learn and applying it to your next project. 

As a young musician, Rich knew he would not be paid a regular salary just from playing the drums. He was hired as an intern at a music studio in New York and eventually became part of the writing staff. He wrote commercial jingles for companies like IBM and American Express. Meanwhile, he was also producing and recording music for independent artists. During this time, he noticed that the artists he worked with had trouble with marketing and self-promotion. Rich did what he could to help them with promotion and gained a lot of insight into generating leads and marketing. 

Rich eventually left the music industry to get into real estate. At the time, he was also pursuing other business ventures and decided to hire a virtual assistant. His assistant, Cece, convinced him to start a business to help real estate professionals manage their operating systems.The business has since grown and is now known as We Are Market People. 

We Are Market People works to help real estate investors organize their schedules and generate better leads. Rich has a team of virtual assistants, called warriors, who help investors with daily tasks, SOP creation, schedules and more. 

The warriors focus on multi-channel lead generation to put investors in contact with potential sellers. Some warriors also specialize in cold-calling and business strategy. From the company’s inception almost two years ago, Rich and Cece now have over 30 clients and are continuing to grow. 

Contact Rich at [email protected], visit his website and check out his YouTube channel to learn more about how you can generate better leads as a real estate professional.

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