Episode 104

Embracing Vulnerability as an Entrepreneur – (Episode 104)

What is the clear path to successful entrepreneurship? Is there a clear path? How can you balance your professional and personal life? Author, speaker and CEO Alex Charfen explains how entrepreneurs can expand their business.

Like many entrepreneurs, Alex grew up feeling different from others. He was diagnosed with a variety of behavioral problems as a kid and never felt like he truly belonged. As a young adult, Alex struggled with balancing his professional and personal life. After discovering EMDR therapy in his late twenties, Alex started to see positive changes in himself and how he worked with others. The biggest change was embracing vulnerability. 

Alex discovered that being vulnerable as an entrepreneur allowed him to connect with his clients and colleagues. He noticed that transparency boosted his confidence and helped him with speaking engagements. 

In his twenties, Alex was running a consulting business while also investing in real estate. After losing everything during a housing market crash, Alex and his wife Cadey began teaching real estate brokers and lenders what they had learned. They soon found that they could expand their educational outreach to small businesses and started CHARFEN. CHARFEN’s mission is to empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses beyond their expectations. 

Alex is also the author of The Billionaire Code Decoded, a guide for entrepreneurs to see where they are on their journey to success and how they can grow. Through his guide, Alex continues to help business owners expand their business and eliminate the guesswork. Alex has also written articles for Sucess, Entrepreneur and Inc. Magazine. Because of his knowledge and experience, Alex has become a go-to person for entrepreneurial success.  

Alex also explains in today’s podcast the importance of routine and stability. Many entrepreneurs work hectic schedules and sometimes put aside their health for the sake of their business. He stresses the significance of establishing a morning routine and prioritizing your health through exercise, adequate sleep and proper diet. Stability and routine are keys to success and help entrepreneurs to relieve stress, stay focused and gain confidence. 

Learn more about Alex and his mission on his website or tune in to his Momentum podcast. Alex is also offering a three-day momentum masterclass in October, where entrepreneurs can learn about his methods and the Billionaire Code. 

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