Episode 102

Becoming the Side Hustler Millionaire with Tony Whatley – (Episode 102)

Are you an upcoming entrepreneur that needs advice? Do you have a side hustle to supplement your income? Today’s Business Leaders guest Tony Whatley is here to show you how you can grow your side hustle into a successful business. Known as the side hustle millionaire, Tony finds new ways for entrepreneurs to enhance their productivity and revenue.

Tony came from a working-class family and got his first taste of entrepreneurship at a young age. He started buying candy from a local convenience store and re-selling it to his friends. He also went door-to-door in his neighborhood asking to mow lawns and perform various tasks. Growing up, he saw how reliant his family was on traditional job stability and the employee mindset and he wanted to do something different.

In 2001, Tony started LS1Tech, an online forum for General Motors. LS1Tech was a side hustle for Tony while working in the oil and gas industry. By 2007, LS1Tech was the most popular online auto performance forum with over 300,000 members. Tony also has experience in contract laws and contract negotiation. In 2015, Tony decided to leave his six-figure salary job and focus on growing other businesses. He started 365 Driven to help other entrepreneurs be successful.

Host Gabe Arnold and Tony discuss the importance of getting yourself out of the traditional employee mindset of working long hours for less money. Tony believes that compressing your time and focusing on fewer tasks is a major key to success. Many entrepreneurs get bogged down in to-do lists, long working hours and task overload. Focusing on what is going to move you forward is the best way to succeed, even if that means cutting out distractions and ideas.

Through 365 Driven, Tony offers business coaching, mentorship and community involvement for up and coming entrepreneurs. He helps clients reach personal and professional goals while learning communication and leadership skills. He is also the author of the Amazon best-selling book Side Hustle Millionaire: How to Build a Side Business that Creates Financial Freedom and the host of the 365 Driven Podcast.

Learn more about Tony and his services on his website, podcast or read his best-selling book.

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