Episode 101

Personalized Business Mentorship with Mike Young – (Episode 101)

Is your business struggling to succeed? Are you knee-deep in knowledge products and generic entrepreneurial guides? Today’s Business Leaders guest, Mike Young, has been there, and he has a solution for struggling entrepreneurs.

Mike was running a successful mortgage business in the early 2000s. He was a liquid millionaire, with over 200 employees and multiple offices. All of that changed in 2008, when the housing market crashed. Mike’s business was failing, and he wanted out. His partners bought him out, and he began his long entrepreneurial journey.

The journey to success was not easy for Mike. After many attempts to start a new online business, he realized that something was not working. He felt guilty, scared and depressed. Mike had a family to support and felt like a failure. He spent years going to motivational talks and conferences while buying every entrepreneur guide he could find. The next thing he knew, eight years had gone by, and he was $200,000 in debt. Something had to change.

He realized that all of the knowledge products he was buying came with generic advice that did not pertain to him. Mike wanted something personalized, so he could see why his previous businesses failed and what he could do to succeed in the future. This idea eventually blossomed into Makeover Mastery. With his digital marketing and business knowledge, Mike seeks to help entrepreneurs not make the same mistakes he did.

Through Makeover Mastery, Mike helps entrepreneurs understand why their business is struggling and how they can correct their mistakes. Instead of using generic business advice, Mike works with clients to create a personalized business plan. As a mentor, Mike helps his clients find their way to success without breaking the bank. He also assists clients with digital branding and social media.

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