TBL Episode 57: Making the Most of a Learning Curve on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

From music to bagels to helming a successful podcast, David Wolf has run a variety of vastly different businesses. Along the way, he has learned a lot, and he recently shared his entrepreneurial story with his old friend and fellow podcaster, Gabe, in this latest installment of Today’s Business Leaders.

Trial by Fire

David ran a music company before deciding to completely change course and work at a bakery run by his family. By the time David started working at the family bagel business, the company was in a dire state and had declared bankruptcy. David helped the business navigate through bankruptcy court and worked to turn things around.

While there was some level of success, ultimately David reached the end of the line with the bagel business. After eight years, with no money left to invest into the business, David filed bankruptcy and started the search for his next adventure.

Small Biz America

David realized he had all of this experience from his time running the bagel business, and he decided to put his knowledge to use and start a podcast. “I decided that I needed to go back to what I know and I have credibility in, which broadly speaking is in the audio production world, and apply it with this business knowledge or this business curiosity that I developed through not only starting and crashing and burning a small business, but also talking to a lot of people,” explains David.

Human Mind Creating

Find out the eBook that helped David learn about business, the danger of overbuilding, the value of starting with the right model and more as David chats with Gabe. Reach out to David via email or LinkedIn or check out his site. You can find out more about Gabe’s company, Business Marketing Engine, as well as the solutions available. Catch more actionable entrepreneurial advice by listening to earlier episodes of Today’s Business Leaders.

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