So many companies look at search engine optimization as a stand-alone part of their marketing plan, and plan to hire a SEO consulting service to increase their rankings on the search engine results pages. They leave their content marketing to a separate firm or even write it themselves, trusting the SEO consulting service to use […]

Sometimes, it feels like your SEO specialist is speaking another language. You know work is being done on your Web site but when words like panda, penguin, hummingbird, possum, and pigeon are thrown out, it can be hard to keep up with the work being done. SEO, search engine optimization, is the work that goes […]

While seasoned marketers and Internet writers have been hearing about content marketing for years, for many small business owners and managers, the phrase may sound new and intimidating. Five years ago, the Content Marketing Institute released a post describing the differences between content marketing and its younger, closer cousin, inbound marketing. Both rely on bringing […]

When it comes to content marketing, things change quickly and often. If you want to stay competitive, you need to know what direction marketers are taking to keep themselves and their clients’ brands relevant and trending. Fresh, high quality, consistent content will always be the prime driving factors in content marketing online, but there are […]

At first glance, a business blog may appear as nothing more than a time consuming practice that your business can live without. My thoughts on the topic were similar in nature for the first few years of my business operation. As I began working to expand my reach within various target market segments within my […]

Investing in content creation for your business is a smart move, and you already know how valuable fresh content is to the success of your bottom line. Putting quality content on your blog and website is just one aspect of a successful online content strategy. With the help of some awesome new marketing apps, you […]

Getting started with a blog can be a fairly daunting experience. Not only do you need to start producing fresh content, but it needs to be search engine optimized, keyword researched, and adjusted/updated based on the success or failure of your promotional and marketing efforts. Fortunately, there are a number of web based tools to […]

You often hear the phrase “relationship marketing” bandied about, but what exactly does that mean? Relationship marketing is the process of building a strong bond between your business and the customers your business attracts. On the surface, this sounds easy to do, but this type of marketing is open to broad interpretation, which means you […]