5 Online Voice Recorders To Try During Your Next Meeting

Online meetings have become an increasingly popular way to connect with employees, customers, and clients. Offering a convenient, flexible way to communicate, online meetings can save time and money while providing effective collaboration. Similar to in-person meetings, information can be easily lost or placed on the back burner if not appropriately managed. That valuable information now has to be relocated or re-asked, inevitably wasting the time and money of every party.

In both on and offline meetings, digital recorders are excellent tools, as they can record and share information. Using voice recorders simplifies review and follow-ups by eliminating the need to retrace or recreate lost information.

And while there are various digital voice recorders available, it is crucial to choose the best recorder for your business.

Voice Recorders, 5 Online Voice Recorders To Try During Your Next Meeting, Business Marketing EngineWhat are Online Voice Recorders? 

Digital recorders are typically used to record and share audio without the need for special equipment. Used to record meetings, lectures and events, digital recorders are easy to use and provide high-quality recordings at your convenience. Including additional features such audio trimming or sharing, it’s crucial to choose a digital recorder that best meets your needs.

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How Do You Choose the Best Online Voice Recorders?

The best online voice recorder for your business is not universal as each business has different needs, time, and budgets. Finding the best online voice recorder will come down to several factors, including quality, usability, and price. So, how do you choose the best online voice recorder for your business? Let’s take a look at some key factors to consider.

FREE Trial Period

If a digital voice recorder has a paywall, free trial periods allows you to try the recorder without the commitment. This, however, may limit the recorder’s features or watermark your recordings. During this period, checking for sound quality, file type compatibility and user-friendliness is essential. If you’re satisfied with the recorder, proceed with the purchase or try another recorder to weigh your options. 

Voice Recorders, 5 Online Voice Recorders To Try During Your Next Meeting, Business Marketing EngineRecording Quality

Recording quality is an important factor to consider when choosing an online voice recorder. The sound quality of a recording can make or break the content. If you are recording for professional purposes, you will want to ensure that the recorder has a high-quality recording. Be sure to check the quality of your recording by listening back to it. Any breaks, static, or unclear messages often indicate that the recorder is not high quality.

Multiple Format

Multiple format options are important because they allow you to choose the right format for your recording. Although the most popular format is MP3, there are other options, such as WAV, FLAC, and OGG. If you plan on recording for different purposes, you will want to ensure that the recorder has multiple format options. This will make your recording universal to anyone who wants or needs to listen. 

Cloud Storage Capability

Cloud storage capability is crucial for businesses that want to keep a secure backup of their recordings. In the event that your device is lost or stolen you will still have a copy of your recording. Cloud storage also allows you to share recordings with others easily. Although many voice recorder applications have storage capabilities you will want to ensure your application has it before you record.

Voice Recorders, 5 Online Voice Recorders To Try During Your Next Meeting, Business Marketing EngineSharing Options

Sharing options are crucial for businesses that intend to share their recordings with others. This feature allows for easier collaboration and time management for those who may have missed the initial meeting. This feature also allows present members to listen to the recording later to refresh their memory.

Simplified User Interface

Simplicity is key to any digital device or application. A simple user interface allows for easy recording with little to no complications. Ensure that you know how to record, pause, and share your recordings before you use the recorder for business purposes. The last thing you want is your voice recorder to be more trouble than it’s worth.

Whether you’re meeting virtually with people all over the world or cramming 4 people into the small conference room at the office, there are many situations in which you would want to use an online voice recorder during your next meeting. And there are plenty of digital recorders to choose from. We decided to compare 5 of the best online recorders to make choosing one easier.


SpeakPipe is a great tool that allows your users to send you spoken messages. While it can record audio, it’s not the ultimate tool for managing your online recordings. They do offer a free recorder online, but their focus is on an embedded recording tool, which means you need to have a website or blog in order to use their recorder. In addition, the entire recording process will require creating an account, which can eat up a lot of time when you’re in a hurry to record something.

Grade: B


Clyp is a free digital recorder that allows you to record audio from your computer or from your phone through their mobile apps. Like many of the other recorders, the site is very easy to use. However, we found recording audio on Clyp much easier than the others, because all you have to do is press a big record button to begin the recording process. And since you don’t need an account you can start recording immediately without wasting time signing up for an account. Like SpeakPipe, they also offer an embedded recorder and an embedded player. In addition to being a great online voice recorder, Clyp also allows you to upload audio files directly, which is great when you need to easily share audio. The recording quality is top notch and the entire recording/upload process is seamless. Clyp also boasts the best management system for your uploads and recordings (if you create an account).

Grade: A – recommended


This is a nice free option. It’s a straightforward recorder with not much else to get in the way. Online Voice Recorder offers a couple of additional settings like microphone adjustment and cropping for your recording, which is a nice addition to their simple product. Unfortunately it’s a flash-based recorder, which doesn’t tend to work on some mobile phones. Another downside is that they don’t have a mobile app, which means you can only record through a computer. That being said, the quality of the audio was decent.

Grade: C


Vocaroo offers a minimalist recording interface – literally it looks like the site was built in 1999. There are no options other than recording or uploading audio. Unfortunately during our test the quality of the audio recording was very poor. This might be because Vocaroo uses a flash-based recorder, which also means it doesn’t work on certain phones. The site was easy to use, but felt a little bare and lacked basic features that many of the other recorders have.

Grade: D


Chirbit’s audio recorder works well and is easy to use. However, one thing we noticed is that the quality of the recordings is very poor when compared to the others. They allow you to share your audio recordings on social media, which is a nice feature. In order to use Chirbit you have to create an account, unlike others that let you use the site before registering. It’s a decent option, but others are easier to use and provide a better recording, uploading and sharing experience.

Grade: C

In the end, your decision of which voice recorder is best for you should be based on your business needs, the equipment you have at your disposal, and the time you have available for the initial setup. Although each option has its perks, only you can decide which program is right for your organization. Regardless of which option you choose, you will be amazed at how productive and well documented your meetings will be with an online voice recorder.

Digital voice recordings can benefit your business by choosing the best recorder for your needs. At Business Marketing Engine, we work to ensure your business has the best tools to succeed on and offline. To learn more about getting the digital voice recorder that is best for you, give us a call today at: https://businessmarketingengine.com/contact-us/